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A Classic + Cultural Celebration

“I’m Mexican and my husband is half-Pakistani and half-Czech. For my culture, I wanted to incorporate the mariachis, and my husband gave his speech in both English and Spanish for my parents. Donkeys are also big in our culture, so the beer donkeys were a nice touch. For his culture, we did the Pakistani/halal food, with his Pakistani side of the family and Pakistani guests being more than welcome to wear their traditional clothing. For his Czech side, his mom gave us the idea to do a “breaking of the dish” tradition that her people do at weddings in the Czech Republic. We break a plate on the floor, and the purpose is to see how we work as a team to clean it up, so we had a small brush and dust pan to use after we broke the plate. We had a traditional Czech song while we did this tradition and it was so fun incorporating all our cultures into our wedding!” – Genesis, bride

Photos // Angie Just Shoot Me

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