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Who to Hire for the Perfect Balloon Decor in Houston

Hiring the very best balloon decor Houston has to offer doesn’t have to be overwhelming! We think it should be just as fun as the whimsical installations themselves, and with help from this handy guide of local vendors, you just might be wanting a bespoke balloon installation for every nook and cranny of your nuptial design. Read all about the latest and greatest in Houston balloon decor and discover the most creative ballon arch Houston offers with the wedding pros that bring them to life.


balloon decor Houston

Balloons: Two Brunettes | Photo: Boulevard Photography


As we see wedding trends shift to more sustainable and eco-friendly practices, brides are beginning to ditch cut fresh florals and fake floral designs alike to adopt the chicest, modern balloon decor Houston has to offer! Sprinkle the design element in sparsely or go grand and over-the-top with big, colorful balloons as vibrant as the love you two share. Balloon installations and decor can be an affordable alternative to flowers, or pair perfectly with budding blooms tucked throughout.


Balloon Arch Houston Wedding

A balloon decor arch is just the touch you need to bring upscale elegance to your nuptial scene, and it serves as adorable decor while also working as a photo backdrop. Hang it over a blank wall or the most important area in the venue! Either way, it will command the attention of all your guests young and old.


Balloons: Classy Jenn | Photo: Courtney Tate Photo


Balloon Garland Houston Wedding

For smaller spaces that still deserve to pack a stylish punch, balloon garland is the way to go in your Houston wedding! Trim tablescapes with balloon garland installations, designate specific nooks or take up a whole wall. The choice is yours! Make your garland rainbow-shaped or opt for asymmetry like the balloon decor above for an even more artful look.


Custom Balloons Houston

Whether it’s imperative you nail the color palette just right or you’re looking for totally bespoke balloon designs, custom balloons in Houston might be on your list. There are so many options in the area, but we only work with the very best! We’d suggest going to PoshPop Balloons and Two Brunettes for all your balloon decor needs.


balloon decor Houston

Balloons: PoshPop Balloons | Photo: Swish & Click Photography


Party Balloons Houston

Balloons are the one thing that doesn’t lie about being one-size-fits-all, making balloon decor just perfect for celebrations before and after “I do!” Bridal showers, bachelorette parties and more have never looked better than with a whimsical balloon decor installed right where guests can enjoy it most. Talk to our local balloon installation professionals here for more details about the bespoke wedding service!


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