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Bride Says Marie Kondo Inspired Their Eclectic Wedding


Alexandra and Marcus planned the most charming eclectic wedding at The Meekermark, even if it was only by happy accident that all the pieces fit so well together! They decided from the start to take a very Marie Kondo-esque approach to the celebration where whatever sparked joy was included in the design. The pair grew up in the same hometown and go way back – Alexandra’s mom was even a bridesmaid in Marcus’s mom’s wedding! Despite this, they didn’t hang out or get to know each other until high school. After they shared band class together, they quickly became best friends soon after, the rest was history! Alexandra and Marcus were inseparable all throughout high school, college at Texas A&M, and now law school together here in Houston. They chose a palette of forest green, mauve, maroon, and teal to give off a sophisticated yet moody vibe throughout their eclectic wedding soiree. Bridesmaids wore mismatched dresses in luxe textures while bride Alexandra donned a darling Essence of Australia ballgown customized with added sleeves. She says the day-of butterflies were relentless as she continuously reminded herself to put one foot in front of the other, not to ugly cry, and not to pass out. Before they knew it, she made it through successfully and they both said “I do!” proceeding onto their fun- and food-filled reception. Their signature drinks of the evening were Dr. Pepper Shootouts from the bride’s favorite bar and the evening consisted of delicious wedding cake and a full, open dessert bar – both by Alchemy Bake Lab. Think buttercream brownies, blackberry jam mini tarts, glitter cake pops, lemon bars, mini donuts, tiramisu shooters and more. Guests couldn’t get enough and the dance floor never emptied as everyone partied on! The bride and groom thought to have honey butter chicken biscuits delivered for guests to refuel as they all sang the Aggie War Hymn at the end of the night. Alexandra and Marcus say their number one goal was that their eclectic wedding truly would be representative of them as a couple, aiming for a relaxed, fun, and memorable evening. We think they totally achieved that and more here! Read on for a note from the bride regarding her favorite wedding memory. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Lys!



From the bride: “When I made it down the aisle to Marcus, the first thing he did was crack a joke. I don’t even remember what he said, but I just know that all of a sudden, everything I’d been worried about went out the door. We joked our entire ceremony! Just small whispers here and there, but I can honestly say it made the whole thing perfect.”

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