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Europe Meets Texas in Chateau Cocomar

Photos // Civic Photos

Grandiose French architecture, a larger-than-life Grecian sculpture fountain, meticulously groomed gardens, and an abundant amount of European charm are only of a handful of details which immediately greet the eye in all that the expansive castle-like grounds of Houston’s Chateau Cocomar have to offer. Step inside and you’ll quickly be whisked away to a land far, far away from south Texas, filled with dripping crystal chandeliers, gilded moldings, cathedral-like high-pitched ceilings and swirling marble floors to evoke a Renaissance-inspired dream brought to life! With five distinctly unique areas of the estate designated for wedding and event rentals, each details a different feel and appearance from the next while still allowing for ample customization for the bride’s overall desired look. From the intimate gardens to the Venetian-inspired ballroom, every area of the sprawling 38,000 square foot manor speaks to true luxury in a way that’s dramatically lavish yet hospitable enough to keep the focus on the comfort and ease of the bride and groom and their guests.

Speaking to a stress-free wedding process, Chateau Cocomar offers two generous options of coordination packages, with the choice between “Final Month Coordination” or “Royal Coordination and Design the Duchess Planning Package,” the latter a full-service option including everything from initial style selection to day-of details, until the clock strikes the 2 am reception finale. For a wedding laced with elegance and style, there’s no question in this Texas castle providing of the best regal visual backdrops west of the Atlantic! To inquire about your own special day, call 281.919.1161 for further details. Cheers to this dreamy venue!