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FAQ About Film Wedding Photography with Kelli Durham

by Kaitlyn

We’re so excited to welcome Houston wedding photographer Kelli Durham today to chat about all things film wedding photography! The medium of film has steadily been making its way back into the world of photography, and it’s easy to see why. Film images are simply stunning, in a way that just can’t be recreated with modern digital camera technology. Kelli is a “hybrid” Houston wedding photographer here to educate and answer common questions about film wedding photography: how it’s different and why it’s worth the investment for your special day. Take it away, Kelli!

houston film wedding photography kelli durham

What is a hybrid photographer? When and how often do you shoot film vs. digital?

A hybrid photographer is someone who shoots both film AND digital photography. Generally, I will shoot mostly film, while my second photographer shoots everything digitally. This way, our clients get the best of both worlds. Film is really great when you have natural light. For this reason, I prefer to shoot film for all the portions of a wedding that this would apply. Then, for reception and everything post-dark, I switch and shoot digitally. Because the technology of digital cameras these days is so great in lower light situations, it makes them the perfect tool for capturing post ceremony photos. In places like Houston, because we have so many indoor reception venues, shooting hybrid also allows us to capture the look of film while shooting all the details with natural light, and the remainder of their day digitally (where there might only be dark indoor lighting) and not lose photo quality.

houston film wedding photography kelli durham

What are some differences in the aesthetic of film vs. digital?

Film photography is more soft in nature. It has what some describe as a vintage, fine art, “romantic” look to it. Technically speaking, film also captures colors more true to real life than digital photos. Light is also captured differently on film than in digital photos. Digital photography is often described as looking more sharp and computerized. Both mediums are great in different ways; it really just comes down to the client’s preference.

houston film wedding photography kelli durham

Why should a couple consider the extra investment of a photographer who can shoot both?

You get the best of both mediums! Why be limited to ONE if you can have both? Especially for those who like the look of film, it is worth the investment in that you cannot recreate the look of film with digital. Even the best editing software can’t completely mimic the look of true film. Also, with technology changing so rapidly these days (floppy discs changed to CDs, and CDs changed to DVDs, and DVDs now are flash drives and flash drive formats are now becoming obsolete) it just is hard to find a format that one can store their images so that they are easily accessed in years to come. At least with film negatives, a bride will always have a hard copy of their photos that a print can be made from even 100 years from now.

houston film wedding photography kelli durham

As you can see in the film photos Kelli shared above, this format has a timeless look with the impeccable ability to capture true-to-life skin tones and colors. Because film requires different cameras and must factor in the cost of buying and developing the film rolls, plus additional training for the photographer, film wedding photography is often more of a costly investment than digital wedding photography. However, the classic imagery that results can be well worth it, depending on the look you desire.

To inquire with Kelli about wedding photography services and to see more of her work, take a look at her vendor profile!

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