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Grandiose Ballroom Wedding Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia

by Kaitlyn

After setting a December wedding date, all bride Caroline could envision was a grandiose ballroom wedding reminiscent of a winter wonderland, and thanks to Allison from Keely Thorne Events and a host of other talented Houston wedding vendors, her vision came to life! Incorporating nods to her family’s Scottish heritage and her love for the Narnia novel series, Caroline and Blake’s Houston Country Club reception was transformed into a grand and whimsical setting for the happy couple. Florals in hues of fuchsia complemented the subtle hints of lavender carried throughout the day, while making a bold statement. Guests enjoyed beautiful hors d’oeuvres and dinner catered by the country club, along with incredible cakes by Who Made the Cake, before dancing the night away to Professor D and his lively band. After enjoying a fireworks display and one final dance, Caroline and Blake were whisked away in her grandfather’s Rolls Royce. What a fairy tale! Read more below for Caroline’s account of their magical day.

Photos // Joe Cogliandro

From the bride: “The entire day was completely magical. The night before, the rehearsal dinner had completely surpassed my expectations. The banquet room at Houston Country Club was transformed into a winter wonderland complete with an indoor forest, snow and woodland creatures. From the moment I got engaged and the December date was set, I pictured a magical Christmas scene reminiscent of Narnia. The ceremony was everything I envisioned. Christmas trees filled every alcove, and richly colored flowers lined the aisle. My bridesmaids wore gowns of dusty lavender and carried bouquets sprinkled with burgundy peonies and blue thistles. My bouquet weighed easily thirty pounds! ‘In Christ Alone’ played just before I entered, announcing to everyone the guiding force behind my relationship to Blake. Then the musicians played a Scottish wedding classic, ‘Highland Cathedral’ as my bridesmaids processed down the aisle. A bag­piper joined in just as the doors were flung open, announcing the arrival of the bride! Because I treasure my family’s Scottish heritage, we also incorporated the traditional Scottish fasting ­of­ the ­hands. The maid of honor and best man­ my sister and Blake’s brother­ wound braided cords of silk around our clasped hands as our pastor prayed and spoke blessings over our life together. The chord symbolized the ‘cord of three strands’ in Ecclesiastes 4:12. Blake and I are bound not only to each other, but also to Christ. When we were presented as man and wife, ‘Joy to the World’ rang out through the church, and I cheered louder than anyone!

After the ceremony, we were whisked away to the Houston Country Club. Hanging lanterns lit by real candles and a bagpiper welcomed guests as they arrived at the reception. A lamp post reminiscent of ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’ stood sentry in the entrance hall. As our guests enjoyed an outdoor cocktail hour, Blake and I were announced underneath a spectacular and surprise fireworks display! Other highlights from the reception: our first dance was ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.’ The band took only one break early in the evening, so the dancing was continuous after we finished eating. Brandy Freezes, chicken­ waffle bites and Christmas themed hats were passed among the guests later in the evening. An item I was excited to serve that evening was the mashed potato bar! As the evening drew to a close, the band called me up for ‘Sweet Caroline,’ and Blake and I danced on stage to the great joy of all of our friends. When it was time to leave, guests showered us with flower petals and we kissed before jumping in my grandfather’s Rolls Royce.”

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