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Ask the Expert – Q&A with Houston Catering Experts A Fare Extraordinaire

The boring wedding menu is a thing of the past. Couples are now making wedding food an integral part of the overall event design. We’ve enlisted the experts at A Fare Extraordinaire, a local catering and event planning team, to share insights that will help you wow your guests with some delicious nibbles, sips and styling tips!

Ask the Expert - Q&A with Houston Catering Experts A Fare Extraordinaire

Photo // Brandy Stoesz Photography

What type(s) of cuisine do you serve at weddings?

We have seen more and more couples ensuring that the cuisine reflects the ambiance of the celebration as well as their style as a couple. It is important to include the food when thinking about the design and feel of the party. We have couples who want a very fun almost festival-like setting, where we will pass rainbow sprinkled boozy milkshakes and miniature tuna tartare tacos with rainbow-hued taco shells! We strive to present cuisine that is an extension of the couple, that elevates the event and excites the guests!

Which style is best to serve at a wedding: plated, buffet, stations or passed apps?

Plated dinners are great because the couple can have their introductions, toasts, first dances, etc. all while guests happily enjoy their dinner being served directly to them at their table. However, if a couple wants a more laid-back atmosphere, we’ve found stations have become increasingly popular, promote mixing and mingling, and can be reflective of any theme! A perk of doing stations is that couples sometimes have different ethnicities and love to incorporate their heritage into themed stations; we’ve done a lot of fun inspired stations such as Asian, Tex-Mex, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Lebanese and more!

What new trends are you seeing in wedding catering?

We are seeing a departure from the standard cheese array and moving more towards artisan cheese grazing stations that incorporate seasonal fruits, vegetables and over-the-top garnishes! The focus on food is back, and we are here for it! 

What’s one food or drink must-have that every couple should include at their wedding?

We love passing late-night snacks to keep the party going! These snacks are typically a little bit more whimsical than the rest of the menu and incorporate the couple’s personal favorites or staple late-night guilty pleasures!

Tips for creating a one-of-a-kind wedding menu?

Our team starts by asking more about the couple’s history; where and how they met, their first date, their engagement, their favorite restaurants, what they grew up eating, what they enjoy cooking together, etc. After we understand their history a little more, we can create an amazing menu based on their favorite foods, whether it be traditional or something off-the-wall. We can always add a fun twist to further elevate and personalize the menu knowing more details about the couple!

What has been an all-time favorite dish you’ve served at a Houston wedding?

We recently had a couple that loved pizza, so we offered miniature pizzas in customized pizza boxes! It was such a thoughtful touch!

Any cocktail you’re dying for a couple to serve as their signature cocktail?

Something with Butterfly Pea Flower extract and luster dust!

A special thanks to the talented team at A Fare Extraordinaire for sharing their wedding tips with us. To find out how they can make your wedding extraordinary, message the team directly via their Brides of Houston vendor profile today!