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Wedding Flowers 101 | Tips on Selecting the Perfect Blooms for Your Big Day

We love how floral designers like Bahara Jamea and her team at Plants N’ Petals can translate your personality, your history — even your love story into an amazing floral display. (It’s such an exciting process!) Which is why we’ve asked her to give us a behind-the-scenes look at how to get the best wedding flowers for your big day!


Photo // Denis Reggie Photographers

Any advice for brides selecting their blooms?

Yes, don’t! Let your floral designer pick the blooms since this is their area of expertise. If you are working with a professional floral designer, I would recommend allowing them to guide you and make the floral selections for you based on your feedback. This would include for example answering questions like — do you like more frilly or structured flowers, fragrant or non fragrant, colors, etc. Of course, if you have a favorite flower, do speak up and make requests!

Tell us about “in season.” Why can’t couples have any flower at any time of year?

Flowers that are in season are at their prime – fully bloomed as they should be, plentiful in quality and quantity, and reasonably priced. Flowers that are out of season are often just not available, or if they are minimally available somewhere half way across the globe, you will be paying a premium price for a sub par flower that oftentimes does not look like what you were expecting.

When are the most sought after blooms in season?

Some of the most sought-after blooms are available spring to early summer. These include blooming branches, ranunculus, peonies and lilac.

What are your favorite blooms to incorporate into your arrangements?

I love to incorporate elegant phaleonopsis orchids and white iris, classic sweet peas and lilac, as well as dainty ranunculus and hellebore.

What are the most popular wedding flowers? And do you suggest including those?

Peonies are always a wedding favorite, and many couples plan their wedding around peony season. When in season, it is a wonderful flower to use. They come in a variety of colors from white to the faintest of bush pinks to rich corals and burgundy. The bloom itself is full and ruffly.

Another classic wedding flower is lily of the valley. It is on the pricier side so unless you are working with an unlimited budget, I would suggest using it in places that would be the most noticed and photographed, such as the bouquets or petite focal arrangements.

A very special thank you to Bahara Jamea of Plants N’ Petals for sharing her awesome floral insights! To get Plants N’ Petals expertise for your wedding flowers, contact them directly through their Brides of Houston vendor profile today!

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