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Let’s Chat Wedding Registries!

Let’s talk wedding registries! Our Community Manager & Associate Editor, Lauren, covers everything you need to know about registering, from when to where to how!

How do I set up a registry?

“There are many ways that you can set up your wedding registry! You can go in-store to do it and take the big clicker and just scan everything that you want, or you can also do it online if you are not able to go in-store!”

Where should I register?

“It’s really important to register local as well as registering online or with national chains! When you register locally you are supporting a local business, you’re able to find things that other people won’t always be able to have at theirs so you have some unique pieces, and it’s also really nice for your guests to be able to go in-store to pick out something!”

How should I let people know where I’ve registered? 

“When you send out your save the date or your invitation, you can add a little registry card or add it at the bottom of your invitation! If you have a wedding website, a lot of times you can link your registries to those websites so people when they log onto your website can easily find the registry as well!”

How soon should I have my registry completed? 

“A couple should make sure they have their registry completed at least when they send out their invitations. A lot of times people when they RSVP they will try to buy a gift for the couple and get all of that done all at once so they don’t forget and have to worry about it!”

Any tips for buying someone else a wedding gift? 

“Always always always get something from the registry! Whenever someone is getting married, they register these items for a reason! Unless you have something super sentimental or something that you know 150% that they will want, it’s always best to just go off the registry! If you really can’t decide, you can never go wrong with gift cards or things like that as well!”

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