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Lindsey + Justin

Photos: Katy Cox Photography


Lindsey + Justin

They Grew Up Together

Justin and I have known each other for quite some time. When my dad moved down to Houston from St. Louis in 1989, he quickly met another guy in his apartment complex that had just moved in from St. Louis as well. My dad was engaged to my mother at the time and when she came down to Houston to visit for the Fourth of July, they found his new friend along with his fiancé at the pool. After talking for a bit, they realized both couples were to be married in St. Louis on the same day later that month: July 22, 1989. This couple quickly became my parent’s best friends and second family in Houston and vice versa. This couple also happens to be Justin’s parents! As a young child, we celebrated birthdays, holidays, and much more together. As we got a little older, our parents kept in touch, but sports, lots of kiddos, and Houston being such a large city that we were over an hour away made it difficult to see each other! I knew of Justin my whole life and always saw him on his family Christmas card, but I never really “knew” him past the age of 5. In 2017, Justin’s older sister got married and my family was invited. We hadn’t seen their family in forever, but that quickly changed! We chatted all night. Justin asked me on our first date shortly after and our lives haven’t been the same since. On the day after Christmas this year, Justin took me to the Houston Arboretum. We walked around a bit, talked about some of our favorite memories together, and eventually, Justin got down on one knee. I, of course, said yes!! Justin then surprised me with both of our families waiting for us to celebrate. To say our families are excited would be an understatement. We are beyond happy to forever be in each other’s lives!