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Meet BLVD Photography – A Photography Team with Intention Behind Every Moment Captured

For a wedding day filled with nothing but smooth sailing, a professional wedding photography team like BLVD Photography is just what you need. Made up of some of the most talented creatives in the business, their team has a photographer that is just right for you. We asked them a few questions about what sets their team apart from the rest as well as what you could expect when booking with them. Check out some of their stunning work in this gallery capturing Alexandra and William’s love (as well as bomb bridal hair and makeup by AH Specialties), and read on for our full Q&A with BLVD Photography down below. Cheers!

Meet BLVD Photography – A Photography Team with Intention Behind Every Moment Captured

What is your photography style?

Our passion as photographers is simple! We tell stories, beautifully. We specialize in candid moments and all of the love, laughter and memories that happen on a wedding day. Because of that, we have a natural, organic aesthetic that focuses on people and connection over strict styles and trends.

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What was your favorite detail from this wedding?

Alexandra and William’s wedding day was a perfectly relaxed day, full of warmth and connection. Their first look moment together was so genuine – in the photos, you can see the love William has for his bride and their excitement to finally be married alongside their family and friends.  We loved that Alexandra also had a first look with her dad, which allowed them to hold each other before the ceremony and shed any last stress before the big moment. We’re also big fans of lush plant life surrounding Madera Estates; we always say it feels like at a getaway in Spain.

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What sets you apart from other photographers?

We care about what you care about. Our greatest strength is that we know how to step back and tell a genuine, beautiful story of moments – not to force an awkward production. Everything we do, from helping you to build a relaxed timeline to photographing your day to editing your images, is built upon what you love most. If a couple loves high-energy candid moments, awesome! If a bride wants lovely light and airy portraits, absolutely. If a groom wants dark and moody GQ portraits of him and his friends, we’ve got him covered. Our team knows how to be kind and gracious every step of the way, while also helping couples to have a blast through their wedding photos. 

Many couples are uneasy about backup plans and worry about what might happen if their photographer gets sick right before their wedding (especially important this season).  Because we have an experienced team of several amazing photographers, couples can rest easy knowing that they have someone with the same skill and style ready to step in whenever needed. It can also be frustrating for couples to reach out to busy photographers who are out on shoots and unable to respond as quickly.  That’s why we also have a dedicated coordinator on our team to guide couples every step of the way and help plan for an incredible, personal experience.

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What advice do you have for an engaged couple who are searching for a wedding photographer?

Selecting the right photographer for you can be overwhelming. There are so many talented teams out there, and it can be tough to know which is the best fit for you! That’s why our recommendations are always quite simple… 

  • First, it may seem obvious, but make sure you hire a company that has photos you love. That could be candid moments, their approach to portraits or even the fact that they have sent you full galleries that are great all the way through. 
  • Second, try to find photographers that can personalize their approach to fit you and your biggest hopes. That may mean you want something clean and simple, or it may mean you want something dramatic and unique. This is a great way to ensure that not only a photographer can handle what you want, but that they’re excited about it. 
  • Lastly, remember that this should be an easy experience.  When searching for a wedding photographer, look for those that have great plans and ideas, and don’t expect you to have all the answers.  You deserve to relax and know you’re in good hands, so look for teams that are experienced and excited to serve!

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What are your favorite wedding moments to capture?

Of all the moments on a wedding day, we’re always pulled back to that first look – when a couple sees each other for the first time, whether it be before the ceremony or on the aisle.  The blushing faces, big smiles and teary eyes speak volumes – that all of those months of planning were worth it. Throughout the wedding day, we absolutely love catching all the candid interactions between family and friends, from the laughter between bridesmaids getting ready to subtle hugs from a parent to the wild moments on the dance floor. They’re all valuable, and stitched together they make the most incredible mosaic of what matters most.

Connect with the pro wedding photographers at BLVD Photography here or find wedding inspiration in our upscale editorials here. Cheers!

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