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Go Behind the Lens with Meeker Pictures

For Samantha Meeker of Meeker Pictures, the wedding industry, and photography in particular, has always been a family affair. In fact, with a mom, dad and sister all involved in the business, you could say weddings run in her blood. We asked Meeker Pictures questions about aesthetics, bridal advice and more in this Q&A that you can browse between shots depicting this stunning shoot at family-owned venue, The Meekermark, featuring yummy dessert from Cakes by Gina and the work of so many other talented local vendors. Read on for Meeker Pictures‘s Q&A down below and check out her photography style for yourself. Cheers!

What is your photography style/design aesthetic?

Colorful, plandid and strategic natural light. (Plandid is the trend on Instagram where people plan to look candid). It’s what brides want these days, to look amazing while they are just chilling with their man, strolling through the forest like they always do while the rays of the sun perfectly backlight them.

Houston wedding photographer

Houston wedding photographer

What was your favorite detail from this shoot?

The sun and lighting is always my favorite detail. Finding the light and positioning my subjects in it is what makes a great photo spectacular.

Houston wedding photographer

Go Behind the Lens with Houston Wedding Photograher: Meeker Pictures

What sets you apart from other photographers?

I come from a family of wedding photographers so it’s in my blood. Shooting weddings is what we all talk about when we get together as a family. My mom started Meeker Pictures in 2001 and my sister worked as her assistant. After I went to film school, I returned home and discovered my own love of photographing weddings. I love working alongside my mom, dad and sister, all doing what we love to do.  

Houston wedding photographer

Houston wedding photographer

What advice do you have for an engaged couple who is searching for a wedding photographer?

  1. Seek out personal recommendations from those you trust the most. There’s no publication, IG ad or Pinterest post that can tell you who the best photographer for you is, but your best friend can. Talk to real brides. 
  2. Don’t obsess over a detailed shot list for the formal photos. A good photographer will already have a system of capturing the formals in a thorough and speedy process.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Houston wedding photographer

Houston wedding photographer

What are your favorite wedding moments to capture?

Easy – the first look with Dad. This is always an unpredictable moment and often leads to the most genuine, emotional shots of the day.

Connect with pro wedding photographer Meeker Pictures here or find wedding inspiration in our upscale editorials here. Cheers!

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