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Why Hire a Mobile Bar for your Houston Wedding Reception

Are you planning to tie the knot soon? When planning an unforgettable wedding reception in Houston, you might be surprised that two of the most essential elements contributing to your wedding’s success are the food and drinks! Your wedding reception brings everyone in your circle into one spot — and it’s your chance for your personalities a place to shine through your choices in food and drinks. You can always pick out the dishes you’d like to serve, and the caterer can take care of this. But when it comes to drinks, whether they’re of the alcoholic or caffeinated variety, it’s best to have a trained professional who can cater to your guests’ needs. That’s where a mobile bar comes in! Below are some of the reasons why we think it’s crucial to hire a mobile bar or mobile coffee caterer for your wedding reception.


mobile coffee bar

Mobile Bar: Brightside Coffee Bar | Photo: courtesy of Brightside Coffee Bar


More Affordable

It’s more expensive to buy all the cocktail or mocktail ingredients and the tools needed to craft these drinks a la carte. To ensure everything is taken care of, consider hiring mobile bartending services instead. Compared to organizing a bar on your own, you get to save money by hiring a mobile bartending service in Houston. Why? They have access to cocktail ingredients and alcohol at wholesale prices, making it more affordable for you! Also, there’s no need to hire a bartender as it’s usually included in the package. With a mobile bar truck, you’ll only be charged for what was consumed during the event, and you can always set a cut-off time. By doing everything on your own, you can’t possibly know the number of drinks the guests will consume, which means you may need to buy more, ultimately costing you more.


Professional Bartenders and Baristas

Apart from the cost of hiring a bartender or barista, you’re not sure how good every bartender is at making complex cocktails. A professional bartender is usually included when hiring a mobile bar trailer. The same goes for baristas with mobile coffee carts! These bartenders are exceptionally skilled at concocting different cocktails and perhaps even more elaborate, beautifully garnished sips. If you want to wow your guests with delectable drinks, consider getting a mobile bar where everything is included. All you need to do is enjoy the party!


Less Stress

Organizing a wedding can be incredibly stressful, especially when it’s a big event. You can eliminate the stress of preparing alcoholic drinks by hiring a mobile bar. Having a professional and experienced bartender ensures that your guests get the best cocktails drinks. You can stop worrying about whether or not your guests are looked after. Of course, you wouldn’t want your guests to concoct their own cocktails or pour their own drinks. They expect to be served drinks or have quick access to a mobile bar equipped with beautifully crafted cocktails.


mobile coffee bar

Mobile Bar: Brightside Coffee Bar | Photo: Shaimaa Photography


Your Reception Looks More Professional

Having a mobile bar also adds character to your wedding reception and sophistication to your wedding reception. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose from modern to vintage and retro mobile bars.


Mobile Coffee Bars

  • Brightside Coffee Bar’s mission is to bring the experience of a perfectly crafted espresso drink directly to you! They cater to all coffee needs with an espresso cart where locally roasted coffee beans are freshly ground to produce the best hot and cold espresso beverages for your event. All you have to do is just bring the love, and they’ll bring the coffee. Learn more about them and submit an inquiry via their vendor profile here!
  • Houston Coffee Cart is the social engine that powers the liveliest parties. They understand the magic a great cup of Joe can spark; that’s why they’re committed to bringing the beauty of coffee into any space or place. This is coffee catering like you’ve never seen before, and they’re ready to serve up unforgettable memories your guests can’t help but talk about. Check out their vendor profile here!


Houston's Coffee Cart

Mobile Coffee Bar: Houston Coffee Cart | Photo: Moody Bleu Photography


Mobile Dessert Bar:

  • Small Stacks is a mother/daughter duo who brings the perfect bite of mini pancakes and so much more to each of your special events! They offer mini pancakes, mini pancake sundaes, bubble waffles, waffle sticks, conchinieves, fresas con crema, bionicos, and bottled iced coffees. Their mobile bar allows this duo to make fresh sweet treats on site. These treats are custom made for you and your guests, with endless options of toppings. Check out their vendor profile here!

Small Stacks | Wed Society Houston

Mobile Dessert Bar: Small Stacks | Photo: Courtesy of Small Stacks 


Brings the Party Wherever You Are

One of the advantages of having a mobile bar is that you can take it anywhere with you — on the beach or in your backyard garden. And it’s an excellent idea for those guests that like to take Instagrammable wedding receptions. And of course, if you wish to take your reception to the next level, you can incorporate evening entertainment to make the celebration more memorable.


You Can Impress the Guests

Everyone knows that drinks are as important as food for wedding receptions. An excellent bar or coffee vendor equipped with an experienced bartender can provide guests with any drink they fancy. Mobile bars are also aesthetically pleasing and can be the central spot of your wedding reception. You can match it to whatever is the motif of your wedding. It’s also definitely more practical than getting your own ingredients. If you want to impress guests, we highly recommend that you consider hiring a mobile bar for your wedding reception.


Mobile Bar: Brightside Coffee Bar | Photo: The Bledsoes


Create a Memorable Wedding Reception With Mobile Bars

A mobile bar ticks so many boxes: you get to enjoy the great outdoors, have some delightful drinks, and socialize with friends and family. If you’re organizing your wedding, we highly suggest that you consider hiring a mobile bar as it will be a great addition to your wedding reception. While food, music, photography, and the venue are important elements, having a mobile bar also contributes to a great wedding reception. Who doesn’t want to have fully staffed bars with all your favorite drinks and then some?


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