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5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Fuld & Co.


Houston wedding planner Fuld & Co. specializes in luxury wedding planning and design for refined weddings that are heartfelt and highly personalized. Owner and design expert Paige Fuld shares her top five tips for personalizing your wedding — read on!!

For a day as important as your wedding day, forget about following the rules and lead with your heart instead! It’s one of those rare occasions where everything can be designed to reflect your unique vision as a couple. Create a memorable wedding day by including all the specific elements that tell your love story. Remember, the smallest details can make the biggest impact!

We’ve included some of our favorite ways to personalize a wedding below.

Event Branding

The phrase might sound like corporate jargon, but utilizing event branding practices will help you curate the visual and emotional identity for your wedding. We think it’s important to set the tone of the wedding from the very first save-the-date card. Perhaps your font choice is inspired by the charming European city where you got engaged. Or maybe your stationery includes a rendering of the wedding venue, creating an aura of excitement amongst your guests. The various paper goods–such as bar napkins, place cards, and wedding signage–also provide opportunities for developing a personalized aesthetic. Your favorite hiking date spot could inspire a casually refined wedding with a more neutral palette and joyous sprigs of locally sourced wildflowers.

Cocktail Details

The wedding bar is a great opportunity to add some more personal touches. Drink ingredients can reflect your favorite flavors and thoughtfully chosen glassware will elevate the evening. If your first date was at a wine bar, you might consider including a few select bottles from your favorite vineyard. Couples planning a winter wedding can serve hot toddies in tasteful monogrammed mugs. You can even hint at the honeymoon by stocking the bar with some regional liquors from your destination. Everything from the straws to the garnish choices can be personalized!


Heartfelt Heirlooms

Your wedding can also include loved ones from generations past. Many families hold onto inherited heirlooms and you can incorporate these elements into the overall design. Framed photos of your grandparents at their own wedding many moons ago will highlight the enduring power of love. Cherished textiles or antique silver tableware can bring the past and present together in a touching celebration. All the small details from your families’ histories will add a dose of genuine warmth to your wedding day.

Cultural Touches

Every culture celebrates marriage differently and your wedding is a great time to integrate some meaningful traditions. Your wedding playlist might include some cultural beats for the dance floor. And, of course, every family has learned some form of group choreography from their elders. For the after party, you can include some of your culture’s celebration cookies for guests to snack on, such as polvorones, kolaczki, or pizzelles. After a bit of research into your culture, you might even feel compelled to resurrect a long-lost wedding tradition.

Customized Guest Favors

Wedding guest favors are the perfect opportunity to share something you love with the people you love. If you and your partner enjoy cooking together, you can design a booklet of all your favorite recipes for guests to try at home. For an outdoor wedding, couples can hire an artist to burn individualized designs into felt hats for all their guests. Those who prefer to express their love in words might craft handwritten notes for each guest to find at their place setting. Not many people take the time to do this anymore and it’s a great way to convey your gratitude for their presence in your life.

We hope this list has inspired you to delve into the details. You never know what romantic little moment you’ll want to include in the wedding! Above all else, we believe your wedding day should be a unique celebration of you and the person you love.

Fuld & Co. is a Houston-based wedding planning and design service for the modern couple. Whatever the venue or vision, attention to detail and the thought behind each design are our through lines.

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