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Darling Springtime Engagement Session from Sara Abdulaziz Photography

Pop the bubbly and enjoy scrolling through this darling springtime engagement session from Sara Abdulaziz Photography! Kaitlynn and Jason are college sweethearts who can’t wait to marry each other on the eve of their 5th anniversary. A chic, casual and fun engagement session to celebrate their love story was just the ticket! A field of wispy willows was the perfect location to begin the session, as Kaitlynn wore a boho-style yellow dress with a floral crown and carried classic springtime pastel bouquet. They danced under the golden hour sun as Sara Abdulaziz captured sweet, romantic photos before heading to the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall to make a fun toast to forever. Between the champagne, soft colors and bright, cheery vibes, we’re loving this oh-so-sweet engagement session and we’re so excited for these soon-to-be newlyweds. Scroll below to read their story! Cheers!

Photos // Sara Abdulaziz Photography

From the bride on how they met: “Jason and I met at the University of St. Thomas here in Houston, Texas. We were both athletes at UST; Jason played basketball, and I played volleyball. We both lived in the dorms, and we both attended classes in the Cameron School of Business at St. Thomas. Our story sounds a bit cliché, two college athletes who fell in love and lived happily ever after, but it’s true and it happened! Jason and I had our first class together during the spring semester of 2014. It was a business math class, so we weren’t able to talk much in class, but I was able to get to know him somewhat during that semester. At the end of the semester, we exchanged numbers so that we could keep in contact over summer break. When the fall semester began, I saw him at move in day for the dorms, and we found out that we had yet another class together! I promised him that I would save him a seat for the first day of class, and I did just that (even though he has a different version of this story). On the first day of class, I got there early and reserved his seat right next to mine, however, he was late to class and one of the soccer players who was a friend of mine, stole his seat. The look he gave me when he walked into class and saw that his seat had been taken was priceless and one that I will never forget to this day. After a few days, I was able to regain his trust and get his help with homework (since he is a math whiz and I am not at all). A few weeks later, he asked me on a date and that I was required to pick where and when we would go. After consulting my roommate and teammate Lauren, I decided it was only right to go to an Italian restaurant, since we both come from Italian families.We went on our first date and the rest is history!”

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