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How to Submit Your Wedding for Publication

Do you want your wedding featured in the Brides of Houston magazine? Learn how to submit your wedding for publication with our wedding editorial director, Hanna! Submit your wedding today at www.thebridesofhouston.com/wedding-submissions/!

What are the steps to submit your wedding for publication?

We have an online portal on our website where brides can go to submit their wedding. You’ll fill out a form and provide details such as your name and your significant other’s name, your wedding date, vendor information, and any special information or unique details about your wedding day that you want to share.

What types of weddings are we looking for?

When selecting weddings for print or online publication, we consider lots of different factors. We look at the theme and style of your wedding, the color palette you used, cultural and religious aspects, and more, as well as the overall beauty of your big day!

For a chance to see your wedding in the magazine, online or on social, don’t wait another second — share the details with us for publishing consideration at www.thebridesofhouston.com/wedding-submissions/

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