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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Designer with Expert Tips from Souris Rose

by Corrie McGee

Are you the bride-to-be that has a million ideas, but isn’t sure how to make them come alive? Or maybe you’re type that only knows she wants her wedding to be a meaningful event where her guests can have fun. Either way, a wedding designer may be just what you need! For that reason we’ve enlisted the help of expert event designer and creative director of Souris Rose, Olivia Djibo. She specializes in helping brides design an exceptional event, and we’re confident you’re going to enjoy her insights!

5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Designer with Expert Tips from Souris Rose

Photo // The Branded Clover Weddings

1. We can help you to achieve the look you want, in budget.

When it comes to weddings, budget is an important consideration. After all, you only have so much money to spend. A wedding designer is going to understand just how to achieve the balance between what you want your wedding to look like, as well as how much you have to spend.

 2. We know where to source items from.

As wedding designers work with a variety of suppliers throughout the wedding industry, there is a good chance that they will know where to get the things that you want. Even if they may seem reasonably obscure or hard to source.

3. We can help with a blank canvas.

Some couples want a venue that has everything there that they need, while others like the idea of a blank canvas as this gives them creative freedom. However, where do you start? If you have a whole host of ideas but are not sure how to implement them in your venue, you are going to need to have an event designer to help you to decide which way to go.

4. We can make your Pinterest boards come to life.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for couples who are planning on getting married, however, it can be incredibly hard to think about how you can actually make these happen. One of the best bits of hiring an event designer is that you can present them with your mood board and they can use this as a basis for creating exactly what you need and want.

5. We don’t mind the size of the wedding.

You may think that wedding event designers are only happy to work with luxury and grand scale weddings, however, this really isn’t the case. We will be just as happy to work with smaller and more intimate weddings as we would be with working with couples who are looking for something much grander.

More Expert Tips from Olivia…

What is the difference between a wedding designer and a wedding planner?

There are many similarities between the two functions. In my opinion, we complement each other, as designers may not be inclined to take on all the logistics aspects.

As an event designer, our whole-hearted focus is the creative aspect of your wedding. We can create the look, feel and atmosphere of the wedding by selecting specific elements (linen, lighting, décor, color scheme). We also bring brand new ideas to life, and it will require custom work. The easier way to remember what we provide would be to compare us to interior designers. They make a space functional and beautiful to live or work in — wedding designers take on that role for your wedding day.

What do you feel is unique about Souris Rose and what you can help brides with?

I think there are two unique things that Souris Rose can help brides with. We look at the design from the guest experience equally. What memory will they have of your wedding? What will they see first when they walk in? What will they smell? How will they be wowed or moved?

The second aspect is our experience has been built from living in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia which gift us a unique perspective on how to approach design and use these influences.

What is the most common problem you help solve for your brides?

From several photos saved on Pinterest, how to pull what is truly needed.

What are your special décor services?

At times when clients have difficulty visualizing how everything will turn out, we can create 3D renderings of the entire event space and include the design choices.

We also create and produce custom ceremony arches with modern geometries.

What is one piece of advice you would give brides starting out in the planning process?

Walk the venue at different times of the day before you choose with a small checklist (parking, safety for your guests, amenities).

A special thank you to creative director of Souris Rose, Olivia Djibo for her helpful insights and tips on how to create an amazing event. Visit her vendor profile at Brides of Houston to learn more about collaborating with her and her team on your upcoming wedding. Happy Friday!

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