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5 Stress-Free Tips for Cutting Down the Guest List

One of the more arduous tasks of wedding planning is pinning down the guest list. It’s an amazing feeling to have everyone you love and care about in the same room celebrating you and your hubby. Unfortunately, you more than likely will be limited by space and/or money, and a cutoff must be set. The fear of causing tension or stirring up bad blood might be nagging at you, but your wedding is about you and your fiancé’s happiness. If you’re needing to cut down your guest list, consider some of our tips below!

5 Stress-Free Tips for Cutting Down the Guest List

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Make an A- and B-List

The first step in creating your wedding guest list is writing down who instantly comes to mind. This will be your A-list. These are people you can’t imagine your day without. The next step in constructing a B-list. This list includes people who you’d love to be there, but they may or may not expect or desire an invitation. Put this list in order of priority, and then send invitations out in waves. As people decline their invitation, send another round out to the people at the top of the B-list. Parents typically enjoy inviting some of their close friends as well, especially if they’ve watched you grow up. Discuss this with your parents and in-laws and decide together who makes the A-list and where certain people should go on the B-list.

Ask Yourself, “Would I be offended if I wasn’t invited to their’s?”

When there is a question about whether to invite someone or not, ask yourself if you would be offended if you weren’t invited to their wedding. If the answer is “no,” chances are they probably will feel the same way. If your relationship isn’t at the level of inviting each other to life-altering events, that’s okay! Usually, the feeling is mutual.

3-Year Rule

You and your fiancé are about to start your future together, so invite people you know will be a part of that future! If you haven’t seen or even spoken to someone in three years, it’s obvious they aren’t a part of your present and will most likely play a very small role in your future. However, there are some exceptions, like if they made your A-list or live far away. You’ll know which people to be more lenient with, but it will help you knock a good amount of people off the list.

No Plus-Ones

While offering your guests a plus-one is a nice gesture, it’s more important to be able to invite everyone you desire. You might still allow your bridal party to bring a date out of courtesy, but don’t feel obligated to extend the option to every guest. Choosing who can and can’t bring a date can get complicated as well. It’s safer to just have a set rule for all attending.

Adults-Only Wedding

Another quick way to shorten the guest list is by inviting adults only, no children. You may ask that guests not bring children under a certain age. Whether it’s a matter of space, money or just for the sake of the atmosphere, most guests will understand and respect your request. You can always consider providing a childcare room where kids would stay during the ceremony and, possibly, the reception. Be sure to make it clear if parents should retrieve their children for the reception or if the children are expected to remain in the childcare room through that time as well.

Now that you have your guest list cut down, it’s time to send invitations! Check out some of Houston’s best invitation and save-the-date designers here!

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