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photo | Josh and Dana Fernandez Photography


After 8 years of dating, Dylan had thought of this elaborate, top-secret plan…he recruited only a few people so that I would not find out…and it worked. I was totally surprised!

I thought it was just going to be our ordinary Friday date night, but Dylan got one of my best friends Michelle to invite me to grab tapioca after work. I was really looking forward to Dylan and I’s date night, so I told Michelle I wasn’t able to, at first. After she convinced me to meet up with her for a little bit, Michelle just HAD to “go get her sister some dessert” across the street. We ended up driving over to Sweet Boutique in Town Center and that’s when I did a double take. I saw my boo thang standing there on rose petals with the biggest smile on his face and flowers in his hand! I practically jumped out of the moving car and was so shocked, Dylan had to bring me back down to Earth so he could get his words out. It felt like deja vu in the best way possible. I finally realized where we were standing. It was the exact spot where he had asked me to be his girlfriend back in 2008 except this time, our good friend was playing the song I was currently obsessed with on guitar and Dylan’s cousin/best man was hiding in the bushes taking pictures of the proposal. Dylan then went on to say the sweetest, most thoughtful words I have ever been told, and got down on one knee. I couldn’t have thought of a better proposal spot and a better way to remind us of how our relationship started. It was definitely a “we have come full circle” kind of moment and has brought us to where we are now!