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Abbey + Emory

Photos: Jaiden Richardson


Abbey + Emory

A Wanderlust Romance

Emory and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years. When we met, I was in nursing school at UT Health Science Center of Houston and he was working an internship his senior year of college. Thanks to Bumble and a great first date bonding over pizza and beer at Axelrad, we became inseparable. We both are Texas A&M graduates and quickly found many coincidences including being in the same political science class, living at neighboring dorms our freshman year of college, and sharing a few acquaintances. Thank goodness our paths finally crossed years down the road as we have found the sweetest love we’ve ever known. Emory and I bonded over our love for our dogs, Buck (dachshund) and Drake (labrador), cooking with one another, and wanderlust. Emory and I have both seen each other graduate college, start our first jobs, and stuck by each other’s side during each high and low as we navigate adulthood. For our 3-year anniversary, we decided on planning a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. During our time there, Emory and I decided we wanted to commit to every “first” together. Emory proposed under the Grand Tetons mountains and we dreamt and celebrated the wonderful life we have already shared and what the future holds. We are looking forward to our intimate day, March of 2024 at River Oaks Garden Club to celebrate our union with our dearest friends and family!




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