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Ask the Expert: Q&A with Houston Wedding Planner Jennifer Laura Design

They say the beauty is in the details, and truer words have never been spoken when it comes to wedding planning with Jennifer Laura Design! From the tiniest graphics on invitations to statement floral installations, she is there every step of the way to create a cohesive look and take the stress away from the bride and groom. Read on to see her tips for creating a beautiful wedding day everyone in the family will love!

jennifer laura wedding planner

Photo // Simon Lee Photography

What is your favorite part of being a wedding planner?

My favorite part of being a wedding planner is putting together all of the little details. Every graphic, design element, place setting detail, favor tag, wax seal, etc. that comes together in the design process and then executed on the wedding day, those are the details that truly make a wedding special and completely unique! I love seeing all of those elements come together on the wedding day to tell a beautiful love story.

What’s the one piece of advice you share with every bride?

Enjoy the planning process – it may feel overwhelming and stressful at times, but it’s also A LOT of fun and something that will fly by. Before you know it you will be married and wondering what to do with all of your free time – you might even I dare say miss it! So soak it in and enjoy every last second of engaged life! 

Any tips for selecting the right theme or color palette for your wedding day?

Look for inspiration everywhere, not just wedding magazines. Maybe it’s an interiors image that you are drawn to? Or perhaps a uniquely designed t-shirt… inspiration is everywhere and while white and blush are always going to be classics that will never steer you wrong, don’t be afraid to do something completely out of the box.

Any tips on selecting a venue?

Don’t settle. Whenever I am venue hunting with a couple, it’s so common for the bride to fall in love with a space, then the groom falls in love with a different venue, and then possibly the mother of the bride thinks a completely different location is the perfect fit. You will know it’s the right venue when everyone can look at each other and without hesitation say, “this is it!”

How do you create a cohesive wedding day look?

It truly all starts with the graphic design – so many design elements can be pulled from the invitation design. When you have a talented designer putting that together it really makes it so easy to pull those amazing elements into every aspect of the wedding. A logo that adorned the top of the invitation can now become an enlarged backdrop on the wedding day. A leafy watercolor adorning the back of the invitation could mean that each napkin has the same greenery wrapped around each napkin. Take those elements and keep them consistent. Use fonts in fun signage throughout the event. Using a wax seal on your invitation? Pull that into the wedding day and adorn escort cards or table numbers with the same seal!

Jennifer Laura Design makes sure each wedding day incorporates personal, unforgettable touches and exceeds the couple’s expectations. Want to get in touch with this Houston wedding planning team? Reach out via their Brides of Houston vendor profile!