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Ask the Expert: Q&A with Houston Wedding Planner Love Birds Vintage

When you work with the team at Love Birds Vintage, you’re not only gaining a talented wedding planner who can help bring everything together seamlessly, but a friend you can trust! Tiffani Price, Houston wedding planner with LBV, wants every couple to feel like they don’t have to choose between the look they love and the look they want to achieve for their wedding. With the right expertise, a beautiful, personal wedding day can be attainable on any budget! Read on below to hear Tiffani’s best advice for brides and what she’s most passionate about when it comes to her career with Love Birds Vintage!

love birds vintage houston wedding planner

Photo // Awake Photography

What is your favorite part of being a wedding planner?

My favorite part of being a wedding planner is getting to interact with my couples, learn their styles and personalities and help them design events that reflect that. I have always loved design, so getting to create events, explore color and texture and personalize spaces with my clients is never work. It’s a passion and a dream come true. 

What’s the one piece of advice you share with every bride?

With every couple, I carve out time to tell them my and my husband Keith’s love story. We fell in love when we were 16 years old and have been doing life together for over 20 years now! If I had to narrow down marriage advice to one singular statement, it would be this: Your spouse wants you to love them, the way THEY would love them, if they were you. How profound is that?! That’s what our partners need – to be loved in their love language! That’s one thing I try to live by everyday with both my husband and my children and something I love being able to share with my clients. 

Favorite way for a bride to personalize her wedding?

Oh, wow! I would say staying true to one’s self and adding in personal touches wherever you can. I have had a bride bake her own wedding cake, one create her own personalized menu, one hand-painted each invitation suite and one spent an entire year collecting vintage china and flatware for each of her guests.  I think the most important way to personalize an event is to make sure that you are planning this event to represent you and your future spouse. Do you love the mountains? Bring in linens that mimic aspen trees. Did you meet at school in Rome? Serve the most amazing Italian food you can afford. Do you have a ton of out-of-state guests? Create welcome baskets for them that are full of all things “Texas.” The options are limitless. Your wedding should be a celebration of who you are together. 

What services can a bride expect from you?

We offer planning, design and rentals. We start the process with our design meeting. That’s one of my favorite meetings because that is where we get to figure out how to take who these people are and interpret that into their event design. From there, and once we have the event style nailed down, we go through and try to match our clients with the vendors that best fit their style and budget. We help with everything from linen choices to choosing bridesmaids and wedding gowns.

Which types of details and decor do you like to work into weddings?

We really encourage our clients to create luxury vignettes within their spaces. Whether that means bringing in a beautiful lounge area, or an antique table for cakes and pies, we want there to be certain areas of the room that are truly magazine-worthy – and that can be done on any budget. Sometimes simplicity photographs best. Other times, we want to add in over-the-top floral installations. As a huge fan of color, I also really love to use specialty linens in unusual patterns and colors. I always encourage my clients to be bold! I want guests to feel the personality of our clients the moment they walk in the door. 

love birds vintage

Isn’t her passion for what she does so evident? Thank you so much, Tiffani, for sharing your expertise with us. To get in touch with Love Birds Vintage you can reach out directly via her vendor profile on Brides of Houston!