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Beauty Tutorial: Easy Wedding Hairstyle to Last All Day and Night

by Kaitlyn

Can’t decide between flowing locks or an elegant updo for your wedding day? We know it can be a tough call to make, especially when you want a versatile hairstyle that will last the entire day, from your ceremony to the dance floor and everywhere in between. To that, we say: why not both? This easy transitional wedding hairstyle may just be your answer! Hey Lovely Makeup walks us through each step, taking a sweeping side pony to a beautiful updo that won’t get messed up as you dance the night away. Special thanks to Dana Fernandez Photography for the photos and to Next Trail for the video. Without further ado, here’s the how-to for this easy wedding hairstyle!

Daytime: Elegant Side Pony

Step One: Part and prep hair with a dry texture spray.

Step Two: Twisting from the bottom, sweep hair to one side (typically your right side works best, so your hairtyle will be visible to your guests as you’re standing at the altar!). Pin loosely.

Step Three: Twist a few pieces from the front away from your face, meeting the other pinned pieces behind the ear.

Step Four: Add a vintage hairpiece. Check out these hairpiece ideas for inspiration!

You’re ready to impress! Read on to learn how to transition this style into an easy updo for the reception.

Nighttime: Effortless Side Chignon

houston makeup artist hey lovely makeup houston wedding photographer-dana-fernandez photography hair tutorial

Step One: Gather hair in a clear elastic slightly off center, behind the ear.

Step Two: Twist hair away from the face, forming a bun around the elastic.

Step Three: Secure bun with bobby pins.

Step Four: Pin loose ends, or leave some out for a more boho feel. Add hairpiece.

easy wedding hairstyle from hey lovely makeup photographed by dana fernandez photography

easy wedding hairstyle from hey lovely makeup photographed by dana fernandez photography

Voila! You’re ready to dance the night away. Here’s the video recap!

From the photographer: “One thing that myself and Erica (owner of Hey Lovely Makeup) often see at weddings where we share the same client is that the majority of the time, a bride’s hairstyle rarely stays fresh all the way through the reception. While brainstorming one day with a shared client who couldn’t decide whether to wear her hair down or in an updo, we suggested that she wear her hair down through the end of the ceremony and then have her hair styled into an updo during the cocktail hour. Our sweet bride ended up going with the suggestion and it was perfect! Not only was she able to have two different hair styles, but also her hair was up and away from her face during the dancing as well as her hair being perfect and fresh for the pictures until the getaway! Since it was such a success for our client, we decided to put together this tutorial for brides that are looking at doing the same thing in an easy step by step format!”

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