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3 Reasons to Invest in Wedding Videography

If you’re curious about wedding videography but aren’t sure whether or not to invest in a professional videographer for your big day, today’s blog is for you! We’re so grateful to have Aisha Khan from AMA by Aisha, a Houston-based photography and videography company, sharing her top reasons why brides and grooms should most definitely invest in not only professional photography for their wedding, but video, too. Aisha has been capturing Houston weddings on film since 2010 and sees incredible long-term value in wedding videography, as well as great photography. Read below to see why!

AMA by Aisha

Why should I invest in wedding videography?

As a photographer, I try my best to capture the essence of every moment. But when I first started photography, I quickly learned certain limitations. I remember listening to brides and grooms saying their vows, their voices cracking, sometimes pausing as they were unable to speak. Parents of the couple would give their speeches and much of the same would happen. Sound is such an important part of memory! But my photography could do little if not nothing to capture it.

First dances and parent dances are also something best captured on video. We’ve had couples choreograph their dances and while photos freeze in time those epic moves, video captures it differently. From the start to the end of every motion to the shouts and cheers of your guests. The hair flowing, the dress catching air. The moment, unfrozen, lives on in a completely different way.

I recently shot a wedding where I asked the bride to twirl as the groom looked at her. He was only instructed to stand there. A photo of this same moment definitely captured some magic. But the video shows the groom walking up to her, intrigued, his smile changes, then so does hers. And the sun shines in and out of the frame reminding us of its presence. Our cinematographer caught the moment at 120 frames per second which lengthened the moment to nearly one minute. It was so perfect, we decided to post it on social media as is.

With one frame, photography captures a fraction of a second and that has its own magic. But the sequence of video has its own strength as well.

So, from Aisha’s perspective, videography is so important on a wedding day for these three reasons:
  1. The ability to record sound bites from vows, speeches and more.
  2. The ability to record movement from dances, the flow of a wedding gown and details like hair blowing in the wind. You want to remember every single aspect of your day!
  3. Finally, wedding videography has the ability to capture extremely raw emotions in a way that photography simply cannot.
AMA by Aisha captures weddings through both photos and videos, so your memories can not only be looked at, but watched and relived over and over again. You’ll find more information about Aisha’s services on her Brides of Houston profile!
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