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Book Shop Romance: You’ve Got Mail Wedding Inspiration


“My breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve Got Mail.” We’re picking up where Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly left off with this book shop romance wedding inspired by the love story we all know and love – You’ve Got Mail. We imagine what the Little Shop Around the Corner would look like filled with the friendliest flowers – daisies, of course – as the two New Yorkers said, “I do.”


Captured at Ronin Harrisburg, a new and modern venue centrally located in downtown Houston, it provided an intimate space that we know the book lovers Joe and Kathleen would love just as much as us. The invitation suite from Bering’s played upon the modern architecture of Ronin Harrisburg and the You’ve Got Mail bookshop motif. Hollis with Bering’s describes the invitation suite as “Classic and traditional in wording but modern in style. I used stylistic typography, a mixture of sans serif with a rough, almost messy calligraphic style of script.” The “friendliest flower” printed on the liner of the invitation created an eye-catching detail. Of course, the nod to the “friendliest flower” didn’t stop here. With the daisy being Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen’s favorite flower, Edges Wild Studio’s wanted to capitalize on this by using oversized daisies. Edges Wild Studio also drew inspiration from “the back wall in the Ronin Harrisburg. The space includes architectural elements that evoke the silhouette of an opening book. I played upon that by styling arching flower moments in front of the wall to create a layered, deep-in-the-bookstore-shelves feel. I also wanted to make the flowers look as if they were sprouting up or spilling out of the pages.” Kathleen Kelly also makes it known to her pen pal Joe in You’ve Got Mail that her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. Distressed pages from Kathleen’s favorite love story cascaded down the front of the cake made by The Flour Petal Bakery. This cake is any book lover’s dream! 


Finally, true romantics like Kathleen dream of their perfect gown and bridal look. We’re here to give you a glimpse of what Kathleen might have worn for her big day. Tease HTX created a peach/sienna-toned light smokey eye to complement the model’s beautiful skin. Tease HTX kept the makeup minimal and enhanced the model’s natural curls to pair perfectly with the Evoke: The Bridal Experience gown. The simple gown, which allowed the daisies to stand out, is a look that we know Kathleen would admire! The ever-so-talented Rachel Driskell Photography captured all the magical moments in this book shop romance editorialKeep scrolling to see all the You’ve Got Mail details… the only thing missing is a “bouquet of newly sharpened pencils.” Cheers! 



From the cake baker, The Flour Petal Bakery: You’ve Got Mail is a movie so near to my heart since I have always been such a huge book lover! With the movie set in New York City I just knew I wanted to do something to remind me of those skyscrapers! The cake shape being square rather than round plus the contrasting black and white really captured this feel for me. The distressed pages of Pride and Prejudice cascading down the front of the cake along with fresh flowers represent the dichotomy of love between Kathleen and Joe with her being more traditional and warm in contrast with him being more cool and modern.”


Other Local Vendors: Edges Wild Studio, EVOKE: the bridal experience, Tease HTX, Ronin Harrisburg