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photo | Julia Arceri Photography


Photoshoot turned proposal

Adrian knows how much I love photo shoots, so before I came into town, he told me we were going to do a photo shoot together (nothing out of the ordinary for us haha). He let me choose the photographer, he made sure that I got my nails done, and he had me pick out a super cute outfit to wear. When the date got closer, I was absolutely sure that he was going to propose, but he did a really good job at confusing me. The day of the photo shoot, he went and got a haircut, and we spent the day getting ready. At the photoshoot we actually had a couple walk up to us and ask us if these were our engagement pics, and I’m sure Adrian was freaking out inside haha. Then after taking pictures for a while, the photographer took us to this nice little hill and

said it was time for the rose petals. He told me to turn around facing away from Adrian and he gave me a bunch of rose petals in my hand and told me on the count of 3 to turn around and throw them up in the air, so when I did, there Adrian was down on one knee. He gave me the sweetest speech about how he knew a month after we started dating that he wanted to marry me and how he wouldn’t want to go through life with anyone else. Finally he asked me to marry him, and I, of course, said YES! After that our family and friends all came running towards us to congratulate us with all of these balloons, and it was such a beautiful moment that we will never forget!