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photo | RaeTay Photography


Surprise date night at The Houstonian

Taking advantage of the fact that our good friends Lindsey and Jeff Boudreaux work at the Houstonian (Lindsey as Marketing Manager and Jeff as Chef de Cuisine at Tribute), Edgar thought it the perfect place to propose. He lured me to the hotel under the ruse of date night which did not seem out of the ordinary as we like to do a fancy date night every once in a while. After an amazing dinner at Tribute, Jeff came to our table and asked if we wanted to take a tour of the kitchen. We of course said yes and Lindsey joined us as we were walking towards the back of the restaurant. She said she wanted to show us the wine room and take our photo under the iconic Houstonian tree (still not weird to me because I just figured my friend was using us for marketing materials, haha!). As we walked outside Lindsey said she was going to grab the camera. Edgar took my hand and slowly started walking me under the tree as we marveled at how picturesque it was. I’ll always remember him saying, “This is such a perfect setting. Almost too perfect….” He then began to tell me how much I meant to him and the moment I gave into the fact that he was proposing was when I heard the word “wife” come out of his mouth. He got down on one knee and proposed! Unbeknownst to me, he had hired our amazing photographer, Rachel, to capture the moment! After we kissed, hugged, cried and took more photos, he asked if I wanted to go to the bar to have a drink and celebrate. As we were about to walk into the bar, Edgar asked, “Are you excited to tell people we’re engaged?” I responded, “YES!” He then said, “Well you can start right now.” We then turned the corner into the bar where all of our family and close friends were waiting to surprise me and congratulate us! It was a truly magical evening! Every detail that went into planning that night was so well thought out and perfect… better than I ever imagined the proposal to be!