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photo | Breanna McKendrick Photography


My only request to John for when he decided to propose was to make it a complete surprise, and he did just that! My dad, John and I planned a weekend to my family’s deer lease in April 2018. On our way there John told me that when we got back he wanted to go and look at rings again because he still wasn’t sure on what he wanted to get me (clever man). So I was under the impression it definitely wasn’t happening this weekend.


Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. My dad and I were driving around the lease filling feeders and I told him I wanted to go look at the stars tonight. Our lease is in the middle of nowhere so the stars are INCREDIBLE. My dad and I planned a date for John and I to go to the top of this cliff that looks over most of the lease and bring a bottle of wine and just sit out and look at the stars. I was so excited I even texted John, “I have a cute date planned for us tonight!” Little did I know, this was already the plan they just tricked me into thinking it was my idea.


That evening after dinner it was starting to get dark, so John and I got dressed to go and take the buggy out to the cliff. I come out from the back bedroom in my hot pink Crocks with wool socks, baggy old grey sweatpants, a huge camo jacket and a messy braid left over from the day. I will never forget his face when he looked at me and said, “You’re going to wear that?” My clueless self said “Yep!” And he responded with a smile and an, “Okay!” And we were off. We parked the buggy, laid a blanket on top and opened the unusually nice bottle of wine my dad brought that weekend for us. It finally got dark enough to see the stars, and after sitting for awhile John got down off the buggy. After he was standing for awhile, I turned and asked,

“What are you doing?” That is when he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! After at least three, “You’re not serious”’s from me and lots of happy tears, I finally realized this is when I am supposed to say yes and jumped into his arms saying yes a million times, knocking over the entire bottle of wine in the process. Our proposal was so incredibly romantic and it was so incredibly us. We got to sit and enjoy the moment just the two of us for a bit, and it was amazing. Even though I got proposed too in hot pink Crocks and spilled an entire bottle of really nice wine, it was the best day of my life.