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This Covid Couple Rescheduled Their Ceremony Twice!

Not only did Covid couple Allison and Kenny have to reschedule their ceremony twice due to the pandemic, they almost had to reschedule again due to a hurricane! Despite these planning challenges, the Resendez’ had the best night of their lives on their wedding day. 

Allison and Kenny got engaged in a scenic moment in Colorado. They were on a family ski trip when Kenny surprised his soon-to-be fiancé and got down on one knee. “At the end of every ski day, we would all meet at the bottom of the mountain for drinks and snacks. Once we were done eating, we walked outside to ‘take a group picture.’ Then my sister said she wanted to get one of me and Kenny. So we got together…she pointed behind me and said ‘look!,’ so I looked behind me. At that moment, Kenny pulled the ring out and got down on one knee! By the time I looked back at him, he was proposing! It was so unexpected and special. My whole family was there!” Not only did they celebrate their engagement with their loved ones, their wedding ceremony ended up being a small and intimate gathering with only close family and friends by their sides.

The beautiful rustic jewel tones and boho inspiration work together to make everything look like a dream come true. The couple also honored Kenny’s Native American heritage throughout details of their ceremony and reception to make it even more special. According to Allison, they had so much fun dancing the night away that they didn’t want to leave! Although they ran into some logistical issues from COVID-19, the happy couple would not have had it any other way. The two were just so happy to finally get married and celebrate with their people alongside them!

Photos // Mustard Seed Photography

From the bride on her favorite memory: “By far my favorite wedding day memory was my husband’s reaction when he first saw me on the aisle. I have never seen that much emotion on his face! He started crying as I walked towards him. Everyone and everything around me disappeared. Throughout the whole ceremony, it felt as though he and I were the only people in the room. It was so special. It is forever burned into my memory and also amazingly captured in our wedding photos! Shout out to Mustard Seed Photography for capturing his reaction perfectly!”

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