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This Couple’s Faux Destination Engagement Embodies European Class

This couple incorporated European elegance and class without ever leaving Houston through their faux destination engagement captured by Alicia Yarrish Photography! Christine and Garret’s love story has some travel-loving ties in it, so it made perfect sense that they would model their engagement as well as their wedding off the lush, old-world vibes of the EU. After they met online and talked for a few months, Christine and Garret found out he was childhood friends with her current neighbor. Garret made a plan to visit them both in town – Eventually one date turned into two and the rest was history! Fast forward through four years of dating, the pair planned an international trip for Christine’s birthday. After spending an amazing 4 days in Venice, Italy where Christine expected a proposal at any second, she finally let her guard down when they flew to Paris to spend a week there. Little to her knowledge, Garett had booked a reservation six months in advance for the two to eat at a restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower. He had hired a photographer and requested the best seating and view in the entire place. Looking back now, Christine says she remembers being able to see everything in Paris from the moving cars, the Arc de Triomphe, to all the amazing architecture, as if it were a dream or a movie. Finally, after dinner and dessert and after recounting some of their favorite memories together, Garret got down on one knee and completely surprised Christine by asking her to marry him! She said yes, of course, and the two continued on with the trip of a lifetime, hitting Amsterdam next before returning home to celebrate with friends and family.

Now, for their May wedding, the two are planning on a European-inspired garden soiree with whimsical French and Italian influences. Christine’s wedding planner background means she is handling all the major details herself! Greenery galore will be around every corner including a large entryway arch and a palette of green, white, and pink will look lovely carried throughout florals, with French Gardenia for a beautiful pop of blue color. We can’t wait to see how this cultured celebration will come together! Read on for a note from the photographer about the couple’s faux destination engagement. Cheers to Christine and Garret!

Photo // Alicia Yarrish Photography

From the photographer: “This destination engagement was just far enough out of the Houston city limits that Christine and Garrett felt transported to Europe. These two are planning a spring wedding at The Club at Houston Oaks and are excited to bring an Italian vibe to their wedding guests, so they wanted the same feel and theme for their destination engagement session.”

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