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Ask the Expert – Q&A with Houston Wedding Planner Sobi Qazi Weddings

Kickstart your wedding planning with the incredible advice local wedding planner and event designer Sobi Qazi of Sobi Qazi Weddings is sharing with us today! She’s covering all the must-knows on budget, guest lists, prepping a look book and more. Read on for the enlightening Q&A.

Ask the Expert – Q&A with Houston Wedding Planner Sobi Qazi Weddings

Photo // AMA by Aisha

What advice do you have for a couple trying to plan their overall wedding day theme?

Take the time to sit down with your fiancé and anyone from the family who is helping in contributing to the wedding financially. It is very critical that you know your wedding budget before starting to shop for your wedding professionals to hire. You don’t want to find yourself in a pile of credit card debt post wedding. A coordinator will be able to give you a real idea of what you can do with your budget and help you with tips and advice to make the most out of the hiring process. This leads to the second most important part – you guest list. Know that everything adds up when you start thinking about the bigger picture. The best etiquette to consider is if you haven’t spoken or seen the person in two years, they most likely don’t need to be on your guest list. Your wedding budget will help you allow how many guests you can have.

How do you create a cohesive balance between the different elements involved in a wedding?

I like to include neutrals and metallics to bring together a cohesive design, no matter what the colors you decide to use in the spectrums – bright or bold, dark or light. Using neutrals or metallics with floral arrangements, linens and centerpieces add drama to a traditional look.

How would you suggest a couple prepares for a meeting with their event designer?

It’s best to put together your own look book with your favorite color scheme and style to show your event designer to help understand your vision. Your event designer will be able to know which direction to take to when it comes to considering a budget for you and the opportunity to bring your vision to life by carefully helping you select the perfect elements to bring it all together.

Why should a couple choose an event coordinator/designer for their wedding?

Having a professional by your side is always important and worth it! We help save time and money considering the time it takes to plan a wedding and bring your vision together. It’s a way to take away the stress as we know ways to connect you with reliable vendors and help negotiate the best deals for you. With years of knowledge and experience, we know what we are doing to focus on giving you the most memorable day to remember!

What are your favorite wedding design trends for 2019?

My favorite trend is interactive food stations. Gone are the days where guests line up for a buffet dinner, they love to mingle and eat a little bit of everything! Custom creations for favors and dessert displays are also a fun twist to enjoy bite size options and can also get creative with decorating to enhance the overall room by turning food into art. I also feel the weddings becoming more personalized, with initials/dates/names incorporated in their modern design. An elaborate dance floor with vinyl print in the trendiest patterns are quite popular. When it comes to bridal wear, a more unconventional and fashion forward design is the choice for most brides. They enjoy playing with different silhouettes, fabric texture, hemlines and even two-piece styles from ceremony to a party dress all-in-one.

Special thanks to Sobi for sharing her advice with us today! To get in touch with Sobi Qazi Weddings, you can directly message her via her Brides of Houston profile here.