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How To: Bring Your Favorite Destination to Texas!

Dreaming of a destination wedding, but need to keep it local to accommodate your large guest list? Why not bring your favorite destination to your Texas wedding! Expert wedding planner Skylar Caitlin with Chancey Charm Weddings shares how you can incorporate your favorite destination throughout your wedding day in this España inspired Planner Tutorial!

Barcelona Beauty

For the couple that’s always ready to jet-set, our team drew inspiration from their romantic summer study abroad in Spain. This destination design was influenced by the architecture, flavors and colors of the many subcultures and cities that make up España.

What is the easiest way for a couple to use another location as inspiration for their wedding design?

Consider the textures of a location and what it feels like to be there. For a couple inspired by a Provincial French locale, we might discuss wicker textures, sprigs of lavender, gravel paths, bistro chairs and summery umbrellas. This helps direct your design decisions and create a transportive wedding experience for your guests. 

How can a couple best design a multicultural wedding?

The best way is to write down ALL of what makes a wedding for your individual cultures. From here you can scrap what isn’t meaningful to each of you (or your families) and compare notes. You may find certain traditions overlap, or that there are some unique ways to tie traditions in together.

How can a couple use a destination location as inspiration for their wedding without getting too theme-y?

I encourage couples to think about the location as a whole rather than one or two iconic pieces from it. If you’re inspired by Spain, don’t just stick Spanish tiles on everything. Instead, incorporate it into a few specific moments (like the invitation lining, a subtle detail on the cake and the place cards) to create a motif, but focused more about the overall feeling of the place.

What locations are you most inspired by currently?

I’m most inspired by the stories of the locations from my couples. Whether it’s a favorite vacation to the Italian riviera, the Spanish-architecture of the ancestral home or memories of childhood summers in Mexico, I find my greatest inspiration in my couple’s stories.

A HUGE thank you to Skylar Caitlin with Chancey Charm Weddings for sharing all the expert wedding advise! Find their Planner Tutorial and more in our Brides of Houston Fall/Winter 2022 issue, available here!

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