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Our Guide on How to Pick Your Bridesmaids

Weddings are filled with joy, happiness, community and positivity… Until it’s time to pick bridesmaids. But that doesn’t have to be the case! If you follow this guide to picking the right ones to support you throughout the process, you will have no regrets. Remember – your wedding is about you and your partner, and it’s the first step to creating a life filled with the right people.

how to pick your bridesmaids


Oh budget – you’re the uninvited guest who just keeps showing up. I guess we’ll have to work with ya. It’s important to understand your budget because it will guide you to the number of bridesmaids you can afford. Once you’ve allocated the amount that you want to spend on the bridal party, it’s time to think about what all you will be providing them. Will you buy their dresses? Pay for their hair and makeup? What about bridesmaid proposal suites? How many bridal bouquets are you willing to pay for? Lastly, are you going to be covering your bachelorette trip? These can all be taken care of by your bridesmaids if you don’t have room in your own budget, but keep in mind that they have budgets too! In the event that someone is upset about not getting asked to be a part of your bridal party, your budget is an easy go-to excuse!

Wedding Size

Talk to your fiancé about how you both envision the big day. If you want it small, choose your closest friends. If you want it big, you have some more thinking to do. Even if you have a large guest count, that doesn’t mean that you have to have a large bridal party! Invite who you love and who you hope to cherish these special memories with for the rest of your life.


The first stop on your bridesmaid checklist – family. Sisters come first, and if you have an extremely close brother, having him in your party is a modern touch that will be swooned over by all of your guests. Next, your fiancé’s sister. Do you have a close connection with her and spend quality time together often? If so – she would be the perfect addition to your bridesmaid list.


These people are just as important as your family – best friends. Think about who your life long best friends are. They can be from your childhood or adult life. A best friend is someone who you go to for all of life’s problems, who you match with emotionally and who loves to have fun with you. Pick her for the next bridesmaid on your list.

Now comes your friend group. You might even have multiple girl-squads, but the criteria for choosing the best of them for your big day is similar to the sister-in-law standards. How often do you talk to them or hang out with them? If you find yourself spending a lot of alone time with this person, chatting on a regular basis and vibing well together, consider them invited.

Finally, if there is someone who you aren’t particularly close with but they are easy to get along with and you know that they will bring excitement to all of your wedding events, add them in if you have room! Remember that it all comes down to who you want to see standing by your side on your big day. It’s time to be selfish!

Work Friends

We all have that one work friend who seems like a sister. You talk about gossip and the latest news with them every single day! If you have someone like this in your life, definitely add them in. But keep in mind, this is the group that you should feel least stressed about considering. Even if you don’t have room to invite them as a guest, they will be there every day to help you get through the wedding planning stress! Sometimes it’s better to leave what goes on in the office, at the office.

There they are – the tips for picking the best bridal party. We cannot stress enough how important it is to make this your decision and not anyone else’s. Feeling comfortable and at ease with these girls are the keys to enjoying the entire wedding day!

(featured image: Pharris Photos + Philms)