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Looks of Love

Meet our 2024 Looks of Love Contest Winners!

Our annual Looks of Love Contest has been one for the books! We are honored to have heard so many incredible love stories over the past few weeks and received so many votes. Our 2024 Looks of Love winners are LeBrittney & Decorian! Their engagement photos were captured by Brandi Simone Photography and we are thrilled to award them with the ultimate date night gift card. Read their love story below and thank you again for voting. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photos: Brandi Simone Photography

LeBrittney + Decorian

Sweet Beginnings

Meet LeBrittney Scott and her fiancé, Decorian Scott—yes, they already share the same last name, and no, they’re not related (despite their moms also having the same first name, Tammy). Their love story is nothing short of fate. It all began in 2017 when LeBrittney moved from Chicago to Houston for her career. At her new job, Decorian served as her assistant manager, but they kept things strictly professional. However, LeBrittney couldn’t shake the feeling that Decorian would one day be her husband. When Decorian was transferred to another location, LeBrittney decided to make her move. She sent him some Tiff Treats cookies as a playful gesture, and from that moment on, their love story began to unfold. Their relationship blossomed over date nights at Perry’s Steakhouse, and countless text messages exchanged daily. They vacationed together, met each other’s families, and before they knew it, Decorian was down on one knee, proposing on LeBrittney’s 33rd birthday at a surprise party he had coordinated with their loved ones. Now, as they eagerly plan their wedding for 11-2-24—Decorian’s favorite number and the month they started dating—LeBrittney and Decorian’s love story serves as a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the sweetest surprises come from unexpected places.


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