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Looks of Love

Morgan + Chris

Photos: Ally Joe Photography


Morgan + Chris

Miles of Love

In the whirlwind of spring 2020, Morgan and Chris’s love story began—a tale of resilience, companionship, and shared dreams. Amidst the chaos of a pandemic and the aftermath of a breakup, Morgan found solace in her newly adopted dog, Sugar, and the comforting lyrics of Chris Stapleton’s “Starting Over.” Little did she know, her path to healing would intersect with Chris’s in the most unexpected of ways. Despite the physical distance separating them, Morgan and Chris’s connection grew stronger with each passing day, fueled by late-night phone calls and shared aspirations. When Morgan decided to wait out the pandemic at her parents’ house in California, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Chris was the one she wanted by her side. On July 5th, Morgan made the bold decision to return to Dallas, bringing Sugar along for the journey. From that moment on, she and Chris have been inseparable, their love deepening with every shared moment. Their joint resolution to run a marathon epitomized their partnership—two individuals striving towards a common goal, no matter the obstacles. Despite setbacks, including Morgan’s last-minute injury, Chris remained her unwavering support, crossing the finish line on her behalf. Little did Morgan know, Chris had been planning to propose all along—a fitting end to their marathon journey and the beginning of their next chapter together. Their love story is one of encouragement, excitement, and unwavering devotion. On January 27, 2024, surrounded by loved ones, they said “I do,” embarking on a new adventure with hearts full of love and dreams for the future.


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