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Ways to Reinvent Opposite-Sex Wedding Traditions for an LGBTQ+ Wedding

Planning an LGBTQ+ wedding while trying to incorporate standard opposite-sex traditions can come with plenty of challenges, but we think the smoothest sailing comes when you stay true to yourself! Don’t feel pressured to include traditional details in your wedding that don’t totally reflect you or the love you’re celebrating. We’ve compiled some wedding tradition alternatives that are much more fitting for a nontraditional couple’s nuptials, plus the option to reinvent any as you please! Weddings are about letting your love shine through, so follow along as we give you some of our favorite ways to do so down below. Cheers!


LGBTQ+ Wedding Inspiration

Photo: We the Romantics


Gay Wedding Proposals


The beauty of being in an LGBTQ+ relationship is redefining societal standards and gender norms as you go. One of the biggest ways to do this before the big day is by making your LGBTQ+ and gay wedding proposals as unique as your union! This can look like: 


  •  A double proposal, whether on the same day or at different times and either planned or as a surprise. 
  • A dedicated moment in lieu of proposals where both partners express their love for each other and wish to be legally married. 
  • Love letters written and exchanged or read verbally


LGBTQ+ Unity Ceremony Ideas


During the wedding, you will have so many opportunities to show off the love you have for your partner – so if traditions like unity ceremonies get left behind, not to worry. If you do choose to make time for a unity ceremony on your big day, though, you can reinvent any aspect of the traditional proceedings to suit your needs. Some of our favorite LGBTQ+ ideas include:


  • Unity painting ceremony where you both create a small work of art together
  • Sand pouring in colors of the rainbow, or your orientation’s flag
  • Wine blending ceremony where two bottles are poured into one glass, or vice versa


LGBTQ+ Wedding Traditions


From the time you say yes, to the big question, to when you walk down the aisle, there will be wedding traditions waiting for you to reinvent and make your own as an LGBTQ+ couple. Therein lies what makes nontraditional wedding celebrations so special – each can have LGBTQ+ wedding traditions as diverse as the love they are representing.



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