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Claire White & Trent Randall


Claire White and Trent Randall wanted an engagement session setting that reflected the natural beauty of Houston, and they totally got it! The sundrenched Brazos Bend State Park made a picture-perfect spot for Meredith Kirk Photography to capture some of this sweet couple’s closest, intimate moments before they say “I do.” Their story began when Claire and Trent met two-stepping several years ago. At the time, Claire lived in Nashville and was only back in Houston for a short period, but Trent still saved her number. Five years later, he still found himself thinking about Claire and decided to text her out of the blue. As it happens, Claire had just moved back to Texas! The two started dating and never looked back. Trent proposed in Boston earlier this year and they say “I do” this coming October.

For their fall wedding, the pair plans for lots of reds and deep oranges, bronze and gold shades. Claire’s bridesmaids will all be in varying shades of red, orange and bronze, and together they make a perfect autumn look. One of the soon-to-be bride’s favorite details about the big day is that her ring bearer will be carrying the same pillow her 98-year-old great grandmother made for her mother’s wedding day, in addition to having their wedding close to Houston so that she will be able to attend in person. We’re not crying, you are! Some of Claire and Trent’s other favorite details about their wedding are the incredible vendors that will be working together to make the magic happen – like Blooming Beauty Company, Natalie Keeton Photography, and Alchemy Bake Lab to name a few. We can’t wait to see it all come together as lovely as the shots in this Houston engagement session. Cheers!


Soon-to-be bride Claire on how he proposed:

“My fiancée Trent travels quite a bit for work and he had a trip to Boston, MA for about two weeks. He offered to fly me up to join him for the weekend after his work was done. I flew up early on a Friday to meet him and he took me to a baseball game, and I remember saying how much great I thought the weekend was going to be, to which he replied, ‘Oh, you have no idea.’

That Saturday he let me be a complete history nerd and walk around Boston following the Freedom Trail that goes by many of the historic sites of Boston. Part of the walk took us through a section of Boston known as ‘The North End’ which is similar to Little Italy. All of the restaurants smelled amazing and we decided to return later that evening for dinner. We got all dressed up and took an Uber to go back to the North End, but the Uber dropped us off by the wharf instead. I was a little confused, but Trent said he had rerouted us there to see the ocean before dinner. We walked around and there was a band by the water playing my favorite song ‘La Vie en Rose’, which is now the song we plan to have our first dance to. We continued strolling around and then he led me into a grassy area. I remember complaining because he was making me walk through the grass in high heels, but he insisted that this was the way we needed to go. Once we were in a quiet spot with almost no people around, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. If his version of the story is to be believed, I barely let his knee touch the ground before I pulled him back up and said yes!”

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