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How to Make a Grand Exit + Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! We’re celebrating with a line-up of grand exit ideas for that perfect send-off. Whether you’re looking for a classic getaway or wanting to try something a little more original as you exit the party, we’ve got plenty of ideas to kickstart your getaway plan. Enjoy!

How to Make a Grand Exit

Photo // Breanna McKendrick Photography, Unbridaled, The Vine


With today’s holiday, it’s no surprise that the first grand exit idea on our list is ending the night with a fireworks display. Not only do fireworks make an incredible backdrop for some awe-worthy photo moments, but yours guests’ jaws will hit the ground seeing this surprise on the way out the door.


Sparklers are a wedding staple – and for good reason! Guests get to join in on the sendoff, AND the lighting makes for a fun photo moment, especially when the groom dips his bride back for that oh-so-romantic kiss.


Dare we say, nothing surprises guests more than a helicopter waiting just outside the venue for the newlyweds. Better yet, surprise your groom with the ultimate ride out. If you want to go BIG, then renting a helicopter or a similar transportation alternative (perhaps a boat if you’re by water?) might be a good option for you.

Vintage Car

Another classic getaway – make your exit in a vintage car rental. We love to see couples dress up their rides, whether it be a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, with floral swag and “Just Married” signage. This is one grand exit that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Balloon Send-off

For a fun and more interactive end to the night, opt for a balloon sendoff. Prep white balloons for your guests to release with well wishes for the newlyweds as you bolt through the crowd. Take it up a notch and have your lighting vendor at the ready to spotlight those babies for even better photos and a glowing night sky.

Smoke Bombs

One of the newest and most unique sendoffs we’ve seen lately was a smoke bomb line! For a colorful and non-traditional exit, smoke bombs are a must! Note: this idea works best with more intimate events so end up purchasing less and will have less cleanup.

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