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Ask the Expert: Q&A with Entertainment Experts LG Event Production

If you’re looking for the best ways to keep your guests enthused and entertained, LG Event Entertainment and Production has all the tips and tricks to keep the celebration going all night long! As more than just a DJ service, they offer photo booths, all sorts of different lighting techniques, stage fronts and so much more! Keep reading to see advice from the pro Mike Jimenez on when it comes to music selection and lighting up your dance floor for a night to remember!

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Aside from your well-known DJ services, what other services does LG Events offer for weddings?

We offer dance floors, draping, photo booths, 360 video booth, staging, LED neon signs, up lights, intelligent controlled lighting, string/bistro lights, dancing on the clouds, vinyl applications, boxwood hedge walls, cold sparklers, full vinyl dance floor wraps, stage fronts, audio/visual equipment and much more.

What is the benefit of hiring a DJ vs. a band?

A DJ is less expensive, can take music requests on the spot, reads your crowd, and can mix or transition out of different genres or songs the crowd is not feeling.

Which moments of the wedding are most important, music-wise?

We customize all of the music per event. I want to say all the music is important. Most important would be first dance, mother-son and the father daughter dance. 

What tips do you have for couples building their reception playlist or vibe?

Start early creating a playlist. Use Spotify or a music app and just save songs you like to the playlist. Then, we suggest for couples to think of each part of their wedding: prelude, cocktail hour, dinner and the reception. 

Where are the key places to include lighting in the wedding decor?

You’ll definitely want up lighting around the room to add some texture to the walls. Controlled lighting on the dance floor makes a big difference in setting the mood once the house lights at the venue turn down for dancing. We wash the dance floor with a soft white during all the important parts, such as speeches or the first dance, so the photographer can get great pictures.  

Any fun lighting you’re dying for Houston brides to try out in their decor?

Something new we’re doing is our custom neon signs. These add a fun, modern and urban touch to backdrops or entry ways. Definitely Instagram-able! We can do custom or rented signs with common sayings, as well.

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The pros at LG Event Entertainment & Production can handle so many aspects of your wedding, creating a seamless, less stressful experience all the way around. To inquire with the LG team, you can reach out directly through their Brides of Houston vendor profile!