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Mia + Braden

Photos: Erika Geier Photography


Mia + Braden

Beachfront Cabana Proposal

Braden and I have known each other since we were 2 years old – we were neighbors but obviously, at that time we didn’t even know we knew each other! We went to different schools until high school, where our paths crossed again. We became best friends in 10th grade and hung out daily after school. Nothing ever came of it at this point because we saw each other as such good friends. We parted ways a bit closer to the end of high school when we had different friend groups so we ended up at the same college without even knowing it! Not only were we at the same college, we somehow got apartments that were 10 doors down from each other!! (fate). I started to hang out with him again because I was always running into him and sophomore year of college was when we both realized we’ve liked each other this whole time we were just scared to ruin a great friendship. We started dating that year. Fast forward, we are both graduated and working in Houston. We planned a trip to Cancun as a graduation celebration for me when I graduated with my Master’s degree. Little did I know, Braden had a plan to propose in Mexico. On our second night, he had reservations at the Ritz Carlton beachfront cabana for dinner. He somehow hired a photographer in Mexico that was supposed to be hidden. He showed up in the middle of ordering appetizers which threw off Braden’s whole plan, so he quickly said that the cabana came with free photos. He made me stand up and take some pictures and halfway through the photos, he got down on one knee and proposed so the whole thing was caught on camera. Needless to say by the photos, I was in TOTAL shock and could not stop crying. I have dreamed of marrying Braden for years and now it’s finally happening!!




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