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photo | Feather & Twine Photography


Jeremy and I met the summer after senior year of high school hanging out in the backyard pool at my parents’ house. Jeremy was invited over by his best friend and my Matron of Honor’s now husband– who is also named Jeremy! I was dating someone else at the time, but it was obvious from our first interaction that Jeremy was smitten, and that there was something special between us. We developed a sweet friendship that blossomed into a loving relationship. We dated throughout college, and continued dating after my move to Auburn, Alabama to pursue my PhD. Jeremy has loved me every step of the way. This was especially evident over the last few years as my life took some unexpected turns. On Christmas Day in 2015, Jeremy and I were with my family at my aunt’s house, and we received a devastating phone call that my parents’ house was on fire, and proceeded to burn to the ground. With very little salvageable from the place I called home for 23 years of life, my family went through tremendous trials and heartache for much of 2016. Jeremy not only supported me that Christmas night, the worst night of my life, but he was by my side helping my family rebuild our lives.

Jeremy worked hard for a full year loving me and my family well and showing us what an amazing husband he would be to me in the future. Toward the end of 2016, my family finally had rebuilt a warm and inviting home and we were closing a chapter in our lives that we felt was never ending. On December 19th, 2016, Jeremy had a little surprise planned. It was our dating anniversary, and we decided to spend it walking the beach and enjoying each other’s company down in Galveston as we had done so often throughout our relationship. Little did I know that Jeremy’s best friend (the other Jeremy!) was there with my Matron of Honor setting up for our proposal. As we got out of the car to go down on the beach, I started to realize what was happening, and went into full-on shock.

Jeremy had the same flowers there as he gave me for the first time, got down on one knee, and with a beautiful background on a chilly Galveston afternoon he said the magical words “will you marry me”, and, through a completely teary face, I somehow found the breath to say “yes”.

Afterwards we did a small engagement shoot walking along the beach and then traveled back to Clear Lake to my parents’ new house where all of our family and friends were there to celebrate. It was, hands down, the most magical day of my life.