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Priya Hajari & Nilay Desai


Priya and Nilay knew as soon as they met they were meant to be, and this grand wedding celebration was totally reflective of their fairytale love story. This couple first met through a dating app, talking over the phone for several months before finally meeting! The pair wanted to take their time before rushing into anything, knowing they would be long-distance with her in Texas and him in Illinois. However, they both developed feelings before their first meeting! They each confided in friends separately that they thought they met the one, and after officially meeting up in person, they were able to confirm as well as share this fact with each other! Just one weekend together was all it took to know they wanted to do this for real, and the couple says they have never looked back, only growing closer together ever since.


When the time felt right to pop the question, Nilay surprised Priya on a family trip in Barcelona, Spain. He had a small boat rented with a photographer and videographer to capture the whole thing during sunrise, and framed the outing as a chance to get a cute photoshoot together while in a foreign country! Unfortunately, Priya was seasick on the boat and on the verge of tears but Nilay comforted her the whole time. When he got down on one knee, she says all her sickness subsided and she was ecstatic to celebrate and share the news with family!


Now, in their grand wedding planned by The StoryBook Event, Priya and Nilay incorporated many traditional elements into all the wedding weekend ceremonies, as well as making some modern adjustments. Over the course of three days, the families celebrated with a Mendhi party, religious ceremonies, wedding ceremony, and reception, all clad in vibrant colors and modern, romantic design. Priya did a first look with her dad which was a very sweet memory, followed by the first look with Nilay! From the ceremony and reception onward, the bride says she was swept away in a magical blur, finally relieved of all the stress from planning and enjoying every little moment. “Having Nilay by my side throughout the whole process was just a dream,” Bride Priya says. “My absolute favorite part would probably be Nilay surprising me by joining a dance during his baraat (groom’s procession). He was so confident and excited and blew me away! I felt so special that he would partake in such a grand gesture for me.” We couldn’t be more smitten by their sweet love story or the grand wedding day that came from it all. Read on for a note from Priya and Nilay on their dream wedding maker below!



Priya and Nilay’s Dream Wedding Maker:

The StoryBook Event – they catered to us in more ways than I could’ve anticipated! They made sure we were fed at every meal and snack, helped with wardrobe malfunctions, kept us on track and helped us maintain boundaries with all the guests.”

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