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Stick to your Timeline with these Quarantine Proposal Ideas

To all those out there who are struggling to alter previous proposal plans to fit into quarantine restrictions, this is for you. Not all proposals have to big, grand gestures – as long as it comes from the heart, that’s all that truly matters! Below are some simple and romantic ideas anyone can pull off to ensure your girl or guy has the proposal of their dreams. Ladies, send this to your man to give him that little nudge of inspiration (and casually to drop a few hints, too)! Happy planning!

Stick to your Timeline with these Quarantine Proposal Ideas

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In the Backyard

Turn your backyard into a fairytale oasis, no matter how big or small! All you need are some twinkly lights, a comfy blanket, some candles and then wait for sunset. You can even add personal touches by buying a bouquet of her favorite flowers to give her or hanging pictures of you two around the area. When you’re done, you can cuddle up under the stars and stargaze together!

Have a Picnic

Social distancing in a quiet and secluded park definitely fits quarantine standards! Find a local park with gorgeous scenery, a lake or a photogenic gazebo to plop down to have a picnic together. Pack your favorite food or snacks to eat – and even bring his or her dog along to enjoy the day with. When the time is right, pop the big question and celebrate!

Propose with a Ring Pop

Wanting to propose soon but don’t have anywhere to buy a ring at now? Ring Pops are here to save the day! Not only is this a unique idea, it also makes for a good laugh and the best story down the road. Just make sure he or she knows you’re not messing with her!

Home Makeover

Whether they has a favorite destination, movie or coffee shop, pick that theme and turn your home into it! If she’s a Disney movie loving gal, wants to take a trip to the Bahamas, or enjoys sitting at her favorite cafe reading a book, take that and run with it. Alter everything you do coincide with what they love – from decor to food to how you pop the question!

Involve the Whole Family

If you’re lucky enough to be spending quarantine with your family, why not have them be there to witness this once-in-a-lifetime moment? They can simply be there to witness, or they can have more special roles such as taking photos or videoing! Either way, we guarantee you will not regret having them there to celebrate with!

Have a Board Game Night

This is a good and sneaky way to surprise her! You can make this work with any game – from simple card games to the more advanced Twister, and really anything in between. Write “Will you marry me?” on a card that she picks up and reads or a game with hints can be filled with wedding oriented ideas! The possibilities are endless!

At-home Spa Turned Proposal?

With nail salons being closed, she won’t be able to get her nails done before you pop the question! Treat her to an in-home spa, where you paint her nails (or get her space set-up for a self mani) to get ready for you to propose. Not only is this idea unique, it’s also super sweet and shows you care about the little details that go into a proposal! But, beware, she might constantly ask you to paint her nails again in the future!

Driving Scavenger Hunt Around Town

While quarantining, she can feel like she is being cooped up inside! Let her roam the town with a scavenger hunt all about your relationship! Destinations she can go to could include: where you first met, where you had your first date, where you had your first kiss, your favorite date night spot and anything else special to your relationship!

Movie Night – Starring You!

What better way to reminisce your memories as a couple than a home video? Compile together videos and photos to watch together before you pop the big question! Make the living room extra comfy with tons of pillows and blankets to lounge on while you watch the film. Lighting candles and hanging up lights makes the space even more dreamy and adds romantic touches that will be unforgettable. We can guarantee no movie theatre date will compare to this!

Team up with Local Vendors

There’s no better time than now to team up with local wedding vendors to help make your engagement so special! From ordering flowers from a local florist, a cake or sweets from a local bakery, or having your photos taken by a local photographer, they will be so willing and grateful to help you out!

Finish the Night with a Virtual Engagement Party!

Gather all your friends and family together virtually to celebrate! While it’s not ideal, it’s the best you can do now, and can hold you over until after quarantine! We know they will be so happy to celebrate with you, no matter the means to do it!

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