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Rima Parabtani & Azhar Lakhani


Rima and Azhar have an infectious kind of love that Samantha Webb Photography captured in their downtown engagement shoot! Rima and Azhar’s relationship radiates so much love and admiration for one another, which you can truly feel in each photo. Samantha Webb Photography described their engagement shoot as a “true rom-com.” Rima, who is an ultra planner, had not two but three outfits coordinated for the shoot. The details even included matching shoes. After the couple captured their first outfit at the blue mosaic tile wall, they quickly realized Azhar had forgotten half the clothes Rima picked out for him. Azhar didn’t even have pants to change into for the second outfit look. The couple and Samantha went shopping for pants but made it to the bridge at sunset just in time to capture golden hour pics. These photos are stunning!


After a couple of hours of pant searching and capturing gorgeous photos, Rima, Azhar, and Samantha ended up at Trader Joe’s for a quick bathroom and cupcake break. This stop included a few shoots inside Trader Joe’s, which are absolutely adorable! The sun had gone down when the three finally reached 6th street for their formal outfit. However, with Samatha Webb Photography’s expertise, Rima and Azhar felt confident with how the photos would turn out. Samantha was not planning for a nighttime flash session but is so happy that it happened! The night images are some of her favorite photos from the shoot. Samantha said, “We had so much fun that I honestly lost track of time. It’s a reminder that sometimes the magic happens when you let go and just have fun!” If you want to experience all the magic, keep scrolling to view the gallery below.


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