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Sandee + Cameron

Photos: Fleeting and Co.


Sandee + Cameron

Not Your Average “Love at First Sight”

Cameron and Sandee met in June 2018 at Sagemont Church in Houston, TX. Cameron had his eye on Sandee for a couple of months before officially meeting. They would both attend a weekly bible study that would take place every Thursday evening. One Thursday evening, Sandee noticed Cameron for the first time due to his outfit of choice which was, Wrangler jeans, a button-up shirt, cowboy boots, and a big belt buckle. Let’s just say, it was not love at first sight. The following Thursday was when they officially met at a local Whataburger outing with mutual friends. It’s safe to say Sandee was still very much playing hard to get, but Cameron was all in. Cameron claims that he knew that night, Sandee was the one he was going to marry. That next weekend, Cameron then messaged Sandee on Instagram and from there, the conversation never stopped. The first date was on Cameron’s birthday (July 12, 2018) at Top Golf. Followed by multiple dates after that including, an Olive Garden dinner date, a date at Putt-Putt Fun House, and even a date at an Astros game (GO STROS). On August 8, 2018, Cameron and Sandee officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Through the many trials life brought, from Sandee leaving nursing school to Cameron’s family moving to Nacogdoches & him having to make a transition into living alone in an apartment, they continued to rest in God’s faithfulness. It was these trials and all others in between that really made them realize, there was no one else the two would rather endure trials with than each other. After 3 years of dating, Cameron finally proposed on June 26, 2021. He ordered Marquee letters that read “Forever?”, and had the loveliest setup downtown at Eleanor Tinsley Park with the beautiful Houston Skyline in the background. It was the best surprise filled with family and friends. August 8, 2022, was the big wedding day that Cameron and Sandee long awaited. It was filled with worship during the ceremony, and a reception filled with lots of dance moves. To this day, they continue to learn together, grow together and love each other more as the days go on. Forever trusting God’s plan and His timing. Forever striving to live to glorify HIM and him alone.




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