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Tips on Serving Custom Cocktails at Your Wedding

Custom cocktails are a perfect way to infuse a couple’s personality into their wedding! Watch as our Online + Social Content Director, Jennifer, shares her tips on choosing and serving signature cocktails at your reception.

Looking for a fun way to personalize your wedding? Creating signature cocktails is a unique way to showcase you and your significant other’s personalities through carefully curated drinks for your guests! Naming the cocktails after your pets or places you have traveled as a couple can be a meaningful way to incorporate small, personal details into your big day!

When choosing your signature cocktails, you’ll want to pick one with a darker liquor and one with a lighter liquor so your guests can have a variety of options to choose from. Cocktails like a margarita or a Moscow mule are also classics that will never go out of style! Your guests are there to celebrate you and your significant other, and having signature cocktails is just one small way to let your guests learn more about each of your personalities!

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