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Style School | Picking the Perfect Color Palette

by Sara Haugland

Your color palette plays such a huge role in your wedding, and with SO many options out there, how will you ever narrow it down to the perfect one? As more than just the lovely shades that adorn every aspect of your wedding scene, your color palette is the most important aspect when it comes to setting the vibe and design for your day. Whether you’re going for a light and bright day or a moody and edgy feel all depends on the careful selection of colors that infuse the scene, from the bouquet to the decor and everything in between. For this lesson in style school, we’re learning all about picking out the color palette for your big day with the help of the experts at Right as Rayne Events! Scroll to learn all about the tips and tricks a wedding planner uses to help in narrowing down to that perfect palette for couples in the wedding planning process. Cheers!

Photos // Charlie Horse Photos

Why is it important to have a set color palette?

Without a set color palette, it is really easy to just go with items that you like separately, but all together can clash – big time! Let your color palette influence the rest of your design decisions.

Where do you start in helping your couples define a color palette for their wedding?

First, I ask couples to go on Pinterest and pin anything they like with no budget in mind. Then, I go through their pins and make three color scheme suggestions based on what they have. There typically is a pretty clear color palette there, it just needs some refining!

What tips do you have for couples who are on the fence on determining a color palette?

Think about the feeling or vibe you want your wedding to have – what palette fits that best? Picking the most important thing and centering your palette around it (either your bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, etc.) is also a good strategy I focus on. Also think about what colors look good next to you, as you’ll be beside them the whole day!

How do you bring a design to life starting with the color palette?

The color palette can really set a mood. For example, peach, pink and white say light, excited and girly; while emerald green, black and gold say moody and modern. Sticking to a vibe is just as important as sticking to a color scheme. With the color palette and vibe set, everything else can easily fall into place!

A special thank you to Alyssa Vogel from Right as Rayne Events for sharing her insight on picking the perfect color palette! Visit Right as Rayne Events’ Brides of Houston vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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