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Style School | Lessons on Flexibility in Design

For our third lesson in Style School, we’ve got everything you need to know about having flexibility in your wedding design! With all of the uncertainty in Covid weddings with guest counts, venue changes and food options, it’s very easy to get discouraged with having to change the dreams you’ve always had for your big day. But, that’s where flexibility comes in! As the lovely experts over at Lillie Jane Designs said, “There are SO many options when it comes to designing stunning weddings, and it’s okay if you’re given the opportunity to pivot,” – and they’re here to help you every step of the way! So, sit down with a pretty pen and notebook, as we’re teaching today on everything you need to know when it comes to flexibility in design. Read on to get all the details and an A+ on any tests in design flexibility that may be thrown at you while wedding planning!

Photos // Adrianne Michelle Photography

How have you creatively pivoted designs to still achieve your couples’ visions?

2020 was definitely the year of “pivoting,” and we don’t see that trend going away anytime soon! As a planner, I thrive on adapting to the unexpected – there’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than bringing a client’s vision to life despite the surrounding chaos that comes with wedding planning. The most recent and most common pivot we’ve had to make in designing unique weddings this past year was decreasing the guest count of weddings without losing the grand effect of their design. Our favorite way to make sure our couples and their guests, no matter how limited, remember their beautiful day is by making sure their wedding has a truly gorgeous backdrop. We’ve had the pleasure of designing or assisting some amazing friendors in the design of floral-filled arches in whatever shape our clients crave, mixed arrangements and ornate candle-filed stages. When you have a focal point that you can’t take your eyes off of, no one remembers the “extra space” you had to put between your chairs and tables or the fact that over half of your guests had to share your day virtually instead of in person.

What tips do you have for couples who may have to remain flexible in their wedding design?

Don’t be afraid of change! Being told that you have to adjust or completely let go of the plan you had your heart set on is frustrating, confusing and just plain stinks. Instead of being bummed, think of it as a chance to create something even better, more perfect for you and your day – something you hadn’t even thought of or seen before! There are SO many options when it comes to designing stunning weddings, and it’s okay if you’re given the opportunity to pivot. Working with experienced vendors – wedding planners, designers, decorators and florists – ensures that your day is exactly as beautiful and perfect as you imagined, no matter the circumstance!

Lessons on Flexibility in Design with Lillie Jane Designs

What are your tips on creating a rain/weather plan?

If you’re planning for an outdoor wedding – especially in Houston, the home of “it’s pouring on I-45 but sunny, clear skies on Allen Parkway” – start preparing your “rainy day” back-up plan from the moment you select your venue. Do you love the charming outdoor options at your venue and are not a big fan of moving your wedding indoors? If so, prepare an additional budget for an outdoor tenting option and ask your venue, along with other applicable vendors, about electricity and other concerns about keeping your wedding outside on a bad weather day.

Top things to talk with your wedding planner and venue about for a weather plan:

  1. How your itinerary will need to be adjusted if moving inside
  2. When your deadline is to decide on having your wedding indoors or outdoors
  3. How comfortable or uncomfortable you, your bridal party and your guests will be when encountering different weather elements based on their attire/dress code
  4. How likely you are to encounter bad weather based on your wedding date’s season and location

*Bonus tip: Discuss your bad weather plan with all of your vendors and review their contracts/policies to ensure your plan is suitable for them and their equipment!

Tell us about the sweet featured couple!

Christie and Jackson were honestly the easiest, care-free couple! Their elopement was actually from our giveaway that we had this summer – the “Mini Magic Elopement Giveaway” for a couple at Ronin 2 that included a two hour elopement ceremony, champagne toast, petite cake, decor and candles, custom cookies, hair and makeup and a bouquet and boutonniere (from us at Lillie Jane Designs!). This couple actually lives in Seattle, but their family is here in Houston, and they wanted to get married with their parents and siblings before the year was over, with plans to have a larger celebration at a later date. They ended up inviting only five guests and adding an arch for their ceremony backdrop. To ensure their elopement was covid-friendly, we kept plenty of space between chairs (which ended up not even effecting their overall design plans!) and had their cookies individually wrapped to keep their family safe.

A special thank you to Sabrina Lee from Lillie Jane Designs for sharing her insight on having flexibility in your wedding design! Visit Lillie Jane Designs’ Brides of Houston vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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