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Top 4 Major Changes Seen in Weddings Since COVID-19

Beyond the social distancing and those who postponed, there were plenty of other changes that swept the wedding industry at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Brides, wedding vendors, and everyone in between were blindsided by COVID-19 and the effects it would have on events, especially weddings, well into the foreseeable future. Some fun new trends were birthed out of the circumstance though and we think they might be here to stay. We compiled four of the major changes seen in weddings since COVID-19 and what makes them lovable. Check them out down below!

Top 4 Major Changes Seen in Weddings Since COVID-19

Photo // Patti Darby Photography


Smaller Weddings

Perhaps the largest, and most noticeable change couples made since the start of COVID-19 was altering their guest count to have smaller affairs. Enter: the micro wedding, elopements, minimonies, and more (linked here in case you’re unfamiliar with some of the new wedding size terms) so that couples could celebrate their love in a safer, more personalized way. We have been nothing short of blown away by the resilience shown by local lovebirds and what they made out of the cards they’ve been dealt.

Single-Serve Catering

To help keep germs to a minimum, single-serve catering has made a rise and we have seen so many great ways to seamlessly implement the trend. Charcuterie cups as shown above, one-bite wonders like tasting spoons, and creative mini containers are all perfect picks for the occasion.

Minimoon Now, International Honeymoon Later

Domestic destinations are the first pick for many couples as they opt for a minimoon just after being married – a smaller honeymoon that they take now to prelude a grander, possibly international honeymoon to come at a later date. When all borders are totally open and every country has waived their COVID restrictions, we expect this trend to slow down a little, but it just may be here to stay!

Unique Settings

Whether it was brought on by the COVID closures or the necessity of wedding venues getting booked solid amid the wedding boom, couples are getting creative with the backdrop of their nuptials and transforming unlikely spaces into stunning ceremonies and receptions. Residential weddings are making a rise as couples utilize the most obvious and easiest choice, and beautiful decor, florals and colors incorporated into your house can really make it feel like a wedding venue! But, you don’t have to stop there. Anything can be a wedding venue if you put your mind to it (and ask the right people).


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