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The Ultimate Wedding Registry Experience with Bering’s

Who says registering for wedding gifts can’t be a FUN experience? The new MLB record holding Houston Astros Relief Pitcher, Ryan Pressly, and his fiancé, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Kat Rogers, found out first-hand that registering doesn’t have to be boring as they enjoyed the ultimate wedding registry party experience with Bering’s Hardware, a local Houston home goods hot spot for all things wedding! Bering’s offers private wedding registry parties for engaged couples and trust us – this is a checklist item you’ll both want to be a part of. Bering’s pulled out all the stops for this adorable couple, including a snack bar, fun cocktails, a balloon arch and more. More importantly, their experts were on hand to answer questions and provide guidance for their registry based on Kat and Ryan’s tastes, preferences and hobbies. Scroll through the images below to see just how much fun they had picking out their wedding gifts, and be sure to read below to find out how this athletic couple hit things off! Cheers to this special couple!

Photos // Traci Ling

How did you meet?

I was doing some social media work for Ryan’s agent a few years ago. When he heard that I had basically ‘given up on love,’ he asked if he could introduce me to one of his players. I was hesitant, but gave it a chance thinking there was no way that it would work out since he was living in Minnesota and I was in Dallas. But we got to know each other over the phone for months, and when we finally got to meet, it was the best day ever!

How did Ryan propose:

I have to back track and tell you about our first date! It was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. He picked me up in his truck, and drove me to this gorgeous pond out in the country, right at sunset! He had a picnic blanket, wine and bbq from Dickies, and we went fishing while we watched the sun go down. He took me back to ‘our spot’ by the pond to propose on our two year anniversary!

Why did you register with Bering’s?

I registered with Bering’s because I wanted it to be easy and fun for us. I knew that we could have that as our only registry and cover so many different things that both Ryan and I would both be excited about!

What items were at the top of your list to register for?

Kitchenware! I love to cook and have been wanting to expand on my recipes, but I’ve been limited with what I currently have. I’m excited to finally have all of the tools I need to start making new and interesting dishes!

Tell us about your registry party at Bering’s.

I always imagined a registry to be the way it is in movies; the bride is excited and going nuts, but the groom would rather be anywhere else! Fortunately, ours was nothing like that. Bering’s had so many fun surprises at our registry party including some of our favorite food and drinks which was a great start to the evening. Ryan ended up having so much fun and we ended up both having a blast choosing our items!

Any advice for other brides just starting their registries?

Don’t put too much pressure on your registry, just go with your gut and have fun!

Don’t forget your wedding paperie too! Ryan and Kat enjoyed their time at Bering’s so much, they decided to do their entire wedding invitation suite in the store’s stationery department! Get in touch to schedule your private registry party or invitation consultation via their Brides of Houston vendor profile.

Cheers to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.! Ryan and Kat will be married at The Clubs at Houston Oaks on New Year’s Eve, and we can’t wait to see their celebration come to life.

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